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Nov 24 2021

There are lots of photo sessions I’d still like to share from this year and Aline’s & Jonathan’s engagement session is one of them. :) Read the rest of this entry »
Jul 08 2021

I love this e-session we did just a couple of weeks ago in Unionville! Their engagement shoot was followed by their civil ceremony so when the forecast was for rain, there was no way to reschedule it, and, honestly, I absolutely loved how dramatic the pictures came out! These look so beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »
Jun 29 2016

Gorgeous, gorgeous day we got at the Toronto Islands for Hilary’s and Edwin’s e-session. I love that place and I wish more couples would choose to go there. The ferry ride, the island, the amusement park, that location has everything! Only thing is that when choosing Toronto Islands, only weekdays work since weekends are super packed.

These two were a pleasure to work with! Can’t wait for their wedding this Fall. Let me share some of my favorite photos with you. ❤

Jul 18 2012

You guys should know how these blog posts come together. Usually, after editing all your pictures, resizing them, uploading them to your online gallery, making your DVD and e-mailing you about it, I’ll start choosing images for my blog. I’ll upload all images I want and then I just leave the post with no text, as a draft – if you’re not familiar with the blog world, this means you won’t be able to see posts that are drafts.

And although everybody gets a “draft” on my blog, not everybody goes “live”. It’s not because I didn’t like the photo session, it’s just that since I’m editing your pictures during the weekdays and, as soon as I’m done with your photo session, there’s another shoot to edit, it’s really hard to find time to write a text for all these drafts. I tried not writing a text for some posts and I just don’t like how the blog looks like with no text (and it also seems I don’t care).

Some of these drafts are soo old that it doesn’t make sense to post them anymore. Sometimes, because I don’t remember the story of the people I worked with, sometimes because I already have a brand new photo session at that same location, sometimes because I do focus more on couples and weddings here, so families photo sessions almost never make it to the blog.

I’m talking about this because these past days I started cleaning up the blog and I decided to browse through some posts that were actually published. Then I just started wondering about all these faces I’ve seen: do they already have a baby?; he must be such a cute toddler by now!; I wish I had more e-sessions on different locations like this one; will she make it to Hollywood?; etc, etc. I meet so many people every year and I can only imagine where they are now.

That’s not the case for Levente and Rachelle. I will be shooting their wedding next month so I still get to see them again. :)

They chose the Distillery District as their E-Session location and although I already lost count of how many times I’ve been there, I still love that place. It has everything a photographer could ask for – there’s so much to look at that I still find places I have never used before. I’m completely in love with these images!

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Jul 04 2012

Everyday I take Melody to a park close to my place. Yes, the joys of being a photographer: I can work at home and make my own schedule. Of course, life is not a bed of roses: while everybody is chilling on weekends, I’m out working. I can’t complain, I’m paid to do something I love. Time flies while I’m at it. But I think it’s pretty obvious that I do miss my little girl every minute I’m out. And although I get to spend my weekdays at home, I’m still in front of the computer looking at thousands of pictures.

Going back to that park I was talking about – one of these days I noticed a bunch of teenagers talking, laughing, close to where we were. And all of sudden it hit me: I am getting old. When did that happen?! When I had a job from 9-5 I used to be the youngest of everybody. Now I get to shoot Bar Mitzvahs, sweet 16s and I just feel O-L-D. I definitely have to replace my Junk Food t-shirts for some more serious wardrobe soon. It’s funny when I look at the mirror I still see that 18 year old girl, but I must have gotten old, I’m sure. I just don’t notice the wrinkles. I wonder if that happens to everybody.

Anyways… here we have Bryan and Pareesa (just love the sound of that name!). They look like they came out from a clothing catalog – so cute! They match, but it’s not that obvious match. It just looks good. I recently posted a winter shoot from the Brick Works, so you might feel a bit of deja vu seeing these images. ;)

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Feb 17 2012

This winter has been quite warm and I totally forgot how it felt to shoot during the freezing cold! We postponed this photo shoot a couple of times waiting for snow to come with no luck at all. So we just decided we would pick a day and shoot it anyways. And what happened? It snowed! A WHOLE LOT! It was awesome for the pictures and I’m really glad I had my gloves in my backpack, otherwise I would have to cut this e-session short.

Despite the cold, I had a lot of fun shooting this e-session. They are such a cute couple and Jennifer had this awesome idea of going to an ice rink!! I can’t wait for their wedding day! :)

And just letting you know, my blog probably won’t have any updates for the next month – I’ll be crazy busy editing some weddings from this February and then I’m off to South America to shoot another wedding! Yes, I am going to warm Rio de Janeiro to shoot one of my best friends wedding.

Although I would love to post more stuff from 2011, there is a high chance that if your photo session was shot last year and it hasn’t been published so far, I won’t be posting it here anymore – mainly because they are not in my computer anymore and I just don’t have time to go through my DVDs. Oh, I wish I had more hours in my day! I know I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to updating the blog with non-wedding/couples material, so if you’re coming to this blog searching for maternity, kids and babies photo shoots, I suggest heading to my Facebook Fan Page. Not everybody gets featured in here, but I do post more pictures over there. Even from e-sessions/weddings that I didn’t get the chance to post on the blog.

Nov 22 2011

This probably will be one of my last posts of the year. I’m already deleting my last 2011 photo shoots from my computer and making space for 2012.

I’ll be shooting Maria and Dimitri’s wedding next May and I really can’t wait. I had a great time with them during their E-Session. If I could post all pictures I took from them, I’d definitely would. It was really hard choosing my faves!!

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Aug 02 2011

I really loved this session. Why? I always suggest places to shoot at and usually couples already have another place in mind – and that’s TOTALLY okay, it’s not my e-session, it’s theirs! I’ll go wherever you guys want to go. But in this case, Kit and I were thinking about the same place! :)

And it was an adventure to get to Centreville. First, traffic was major and parking was extremely hard to find – who knew Taylor Swift would be in town that day. Then, we took the WRONG boat. But in the end, we made it to the park and got to take some really nice pictures. This is definitely one of my favorites photo shoots of the year – I know I say a lot of sessions were “one of my favorites” but I’m actually thinking in ranking my favorite sessions of the year in December so you guys know I’m not just saying… :)





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Jun 15 2011

What can I say about this e-session? I absolutely loved it! If I could, I’d post all pictures here, REALLY!… The location they chose was amazing – I was so happy to go somewhere else other than the Distillery District!!

Michael and Ashley are such a cute couple, I had an awesome time with them – the evening went by so fast I wish I had more time to take their engagement photos! Now I can’t wait for their wedding.

That “A ♥ M” on the rock over there was not made by us!! It was already there, I SWEAR!
Sep 13 2010

It’s been a while since my last post! I’m so sorry guys, but it’s been crazy busy during the last month, I promise I’ll try to keep the blog as updated as possible.

So, last week I had this amazing Engagement Session with Patrizia and Soami, who are getting married next month! Patrizia was totally rocking with her Louboutin’s shoes and skinny jeans. I must say that it reminded me a little bit of “bad” Sandy from Grease.

I really had a blast shooting them, it was tons of fun! They were really easy to work with, which helps a lot. I can’t wait for their wedding day! I’m completely in love with these pictures, it was pretty hard to choose just a few to post here!

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