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Dec 12 2012

Another year goes by… and what a year! I’ve never been so busy. Thanks everybody for allowing me to work with what I’m passionate about. I really love creating beautiful memories for you to keep.

Happy Holidays and I hope to see you next year! :)

Jul 04 2012

Everyday I take Melody to a park close to my place. Yes, the joys of being a photographer: I can work at home and make my own schedule. Of course, life is not a bed of roses: while everybody is chilling on weekends, I’m out working. I can’t complain, I’m paid to do something I love. Time flies while I’m at it. But I think it’s pretty obvious that I do miss my little girl every minute I’m out. And although I get to spend my weekdays at home, I’m still in front of the computer looking at thousands of pictures.

Going back to that park I was talking about – one of these days I noticed a bunch of teenagers talking, laughing, close to where we were. And all of sudden it hit me: I am getting old. When did that happen?! When I had a job from 9-5 I used to be the youngest of everybody. Now I get to shoot Bar Mitzvahs, sweet 16s and I just feel O-L-D. I definitely have to replace my Junk Food t-shirts for some more serious wardrobe soon. It’s funny when I look at the mirror I still see that 18 year old girl, but I must have gotten old, I’m sure. I just don’t notice the wrinkles. I wonder if that happens to everybody.

Anyways… here we have Bryan and Pareesa (just love the sound of that name!). They look like they came out from a clothing catalog – so cute! They match, but it’s not that obvious match. It just looks good. I recently posted a winter shoot from the Brick Works, so you might feel a bit of deja vu seeing these images. ;)

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Feb 03 2012

Some days ago I was browsing through Amazon and I stumbled upon the box set of Dawson’s Creek for sale. I didn’t think twice – I had to buy it, since it was my favorite show ever. Dawson’s Creek was on during my teen years and I loved the way that the series was different from the other teen series around that time. Of course that only lasted for the first season and then it became a teen show like all others – guess it had to do with ratings as well. But I kept watching.

The box set finally arrived and I decided to watch some of the episodes again. Then I realized I was too old for it. I can’t relate to any of that anymore – therefore, it’s no fun wasting a whole hour watching Dawson, Joey, Pacey and their whole drama.

The next day, I decided to give it a another try. For my surprise, the episode I chose did not play on my DVD player and since I read that lots of people had trouble with that box set, I decided to return it and just get a refund. Goodbye, James Van Der Beek.

I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since the 1st season of DC. 10 years ago I was leaving high school and starting university. Wow.

And talking about years, the couple from this post has been together for a long time now and I couldn’t believe how they were still so sweet to each other. This is one of the cutest couples EVER! They were sooo in love – their e-session was great. I love every single image of them! I have so many photo shoots from last year I still want to post in here, but I just had to post this one right away. :)

p.s.: this post was updated on 02/15.

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