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Sep 13 2010

It’s been a while since my last post! I’m so sorry guys, but it’s been crazy busy during the last month, I promise I’ll try to keep the blog as updated as possible.

So, last week I had this amazing Engagement Session with Patrizia and Soami, who are getting married next month! Patrizia was totally rocking with her Louboutin’s shoes and skinny jeans. I must say that it reminded me a little bit of “bad” Sandy from Grease.

I really had a blast shooting them, it was tons of fun! They were really easy to work with, which helps a lot. I can’t wait for their wedding day! I’m completely in love with these pictures, it was pretty hard to choose just a few to post here!

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Jul 19 2010

It looked like it was going to rain all night long during this photo shoot, but luckily, weather channel was wrong! :)

Julia and Dan are a really a nice couple and I had a lot of fun shooting them. They are sooo in love, it wasn’t even necessary to tell them to hug, kiss (really, they were not ashamed at all!! HAHA)… I can’t wait to go to their wedding!


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