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Nov 29 2021

I loved shooting Polly’s and Andy’s engagement session last month at the Brick Works. It rained a bit but the pictures look so great with this weather! Read the rest of this entry »
Aug 02 2018

Ah, I love this family! Peter, Jamar and their son were featured in this blog not too long ago. I shot their engagement session/wedding back in 2016/2017. Read the rest of this entry »
Jul 21 2017

Loved working with these two at Evergreen Brick Works last month. Our shoot was supposed to happen early Spring but weather has been so crazy we had to postpone it for a couple of months. Read the rest of this entry »
Feb 21 2017

I’ve actually met this family when Cassidy was just a baby and we have been doing annual family photo sessions since then.

This time we went to Evergreen Brick Works for their photo shoot. Even though the sun came out on that morning, it was super cold! We kept warm playing and running around! Loved how these turned out – let me share some of my favorites with you!

Want to check their in home photo shoot? Click here!
Want to check their photo shoot at Edward Gardens? Click here!

Nov 04 2016

I already have a feeling that I won’t be able to post all the photo shoots I wanted here from this year. I’ve been so busy! This blog was pretty much with no activity during Summer due to all the work, meetings, editing, etc.

Even though I’m still working every weekend (and some weekdays!), I had to give this blog some updates! It’s been too long! And this was definitely one of my favorite family shoots from this past Summer. I have been working with this family for quite a while now and you may find some other photo shoots with them over here. I couldn’t find all here at the blog, however you can find plenty of them on my Facebook Page. Later, you can check their family shoot from a couple of years ago here in Whitby.

I just love working with these two little ones! They are the cutest!! Let me share some of my favorites!

Jun 22 2016

Can’t hardly wait for Peter-Gaye and Jamar’s wedding next Spring. I had such a great time shooting these two at the Brick Works.

The weather was gorgeous, light was perfect. They decided to bring their son to their photo session and it was a pleasure meeting their little one! He did such a great job posing and also waiting while mommy and daddy were taking pictures. :)

Let me share some of my favorites with you!

Feb 15 2016

This past month has been busier than usual – I still have lots of sessions & weddings to post on this blog from 2015, however I really needed to share these right away since it’s not everyday I get couples wanting to have their engagement session during winter!

I worked with this super cute couple this past January at the Evergreen Brick Works. I absolutely adored working with these two and I honestly can’t wait to shoot their wedding this Spring!

Thanks for braving the weather, Jenny & Francisco. It was totally worth it. :)

Dec 10 2015

This morning after I dropped my daughter at school I was so happy to see a Christmas card on my mail. And it was from these three cuties I photographed this past October.

I’ve been photographing these girls for 4 years now and never had the chance to post them on my blog (even though they are all over my Facebook Page!). I remember finishing this particular shoot and telling myself I needed to post this session this time.

The reality is that half of the families I work with never get a chance to be featured here because I do give priority to posting weddings and engagement sessions. And I’m with so much work this winter that I wasn’t even going to post anything in here until 2016. But then I get this Christmas card in my mail and I just need to stop for a while and blog this. Loved, loved this shoot and it’s really an honor to watch these kids grow.

Let me share some of my favorites with you! :)

And I could not finish this post without posting the Christmas card I’ve received on the mail! LOVED IT! Thank you, guys. :)
Jun 18 2015

I already know I will have a great time at Christine’s and Paul’s wedding next year. It was really fun shooting these two and that’s how engagement sessions should be! Sometimes couples take themselves too seriously, but the secret to a great e-shoot is laughter – so thank you, Paul. :)

Paul is also responsible for me finally ordering USB Flash Drives for wedding clients. LOL I’ve been studying getting those during the past year and I’d always forget about it. But during our meeting, Paul made fun of me still giving DVDs to people and I thought that maybe it was time to upgrade my media. Hopefully by next year all photo shoots will be getting USB Flash Drives instead of DVDs – honestly I think my DVDs are super cute, but I know that their end is near.

I really really shouldn’t be using my time to blog since I have so many photos shoots lined up to be edited, but I needed to post this (I promise my next blog post will be a family photo shoot, I promise!!!). Let me share some of my favorites with you! :)

Oct 01 2014

Sunny, beautiful morning we got for this family photo shoot at the Brick Works.

Edward Gardens and High Park are the most popular locations among my clients for family shoots, so I was actually surprised this year when I got two families wanting to go over there (check out my Facebook Page to see the photos from the other family shoot!). I’m always at the Brick Works for engagements sessions, so it was nice to go there with a family for a change.

I had a great time with Faysal, Liyana and their parents. These kids were super cute and fun to be around! Let me share some of the amazing pictures we got from that morning. :)

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