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Nov 13 2011

I remember being all happy about creating my brand new website and business cards. After putting everything together, most of my close friends said: “Yuki, don’t you think that your website and business card are a bit too creepy for people getting married?” . Friends that weren’t saying that, were obviously thinking the same. I know some people might see it that way, but I really love my website, it’s totally different from all photography websites I’ve seen. It’s just the way I wanted it to be.

I heard everybody’s opinion and decided to make some changes to my page, but not too much – added some kind of rainbow to that “creepy” tree all my friends seemed to dislike, and when I thought about even changing my logo (after getting thousands of business cards printed), I decided that if people won’t book me because of that, then it wasn’t really meant to be.

There’s a coffee shop on Eglinton and Yonge that I used to go often since it was close to my old apartment. Probably half of my meetings were over there and I still meet lots of clients on that same place – I was just there today! Their hot chocolate is pretty good and it’s one of those places you can leave your business cards. And although most (probably all!) of my friends pretty much hated my card, at least someone visiting that coffee shop thought it looked good (or at least interesting!). And today, I’m posting her wedding photos here.

You might remember Kit from an e-session I posted a while ago. Definitely one of my favorites e-sessions ever! We got lost trying to get to an amusement park, but in the end, everything worked out and it was totally worth it going there twice. Not to mention they were pretty fun to hang out with.

Kit and Albert had an intimate wedding – the day started with a Chinese tea ceremony, then they exchanged vows in front of family and close friends at the beautiful Discovery Landing in Burlington. The day finished at the Oliver & Bonacini restaurant in Oakville. I think that was one of the last days of summer… that day was really really REALLY hot (and bright).

And look at that gorgeous picture of them printed on canvas. I wonder who took that… hmmm… ;)
The decoration at the restaurant was really cute!! Kit works with design and I can pretty much tell from her wedding decoration that she’s great at what she does.
So she came up with a great idea to give the centerpieces. Everybody had to pick an origami square out of a box and whoever got a star in it, was the person taking the centerpiece home. Super kawaii! This brings me back good memories when I used to make those origami squares to decorate my Barbie’s houses.
Congratulations, Kit and Albert! It was great meeting you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
p.s.: No, I’m not explaining the Eggplant thing. ;)
Aug 02 2011

I really loved this session. Why? I always suggest places to shoot at and usually couples already have another place in mind – and that’s TOTALLY okay, it’s not my e-session, it’s theirs! I’ll go wherever you guys want to go. But in this case, Kit and I were thinking about the same place! :)

And it was an adventure to get to Centreville. First, traffic was major and parking was extremely hard to find – who knew Taylor Swift would be in town that day. Then, we took the WRONG boat. But in the end, we made it to the park and got to take some really nice pictures. This is definitely one of my favorites photo shoots of the year – I know I say a lot of sessions were “one of my favorites” but I’m actually thinking in ranking my favorite sessions of the year in December so you guys know I’m not just saying… :)





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