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Sep 06 2011

Things are quite busy over here – I just moved to a new house so there’s lots to do. First thing we actually unpacked was the computer so I could get back to working on pictures!

I’ve always lived in tiny apartaments in the city so I thought I could never get used to living in the suburbs, but I’m loving it. It’s so peaceful and quiet!

Anyways, Alfred contacted me last month so he and his wife could have wedding pictures done. Yeap, they were already married, but never had the chance to do their portraits. Just loved their images, let me share some of them with you! (and go back to work)


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Sep 13 2010

It’s been a while since my last post! I’m so sorry guys, but it’s been crazy busy during the last month, I promise I’ll try to keep the blog as updated as possible.

So, last week I had this amazing Engagement Session with Patrizia and Soami, who are getting married next month! Patrizia was totally rocking with her Louboutin’s shoes and skinny jeans. I must say that it reminded me a little bit of “bad” Sandy from Grease.

I really had a blast shooting them, it was tons of fun! They were really easy to work with, which helps a lot. I can’t wait for their wedding day! I’m completely in love with these pictures, it was pretty hard to choose just a few to post here!

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