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Jun 16 2024

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Such a beautiful engagement session I have here to share with you all today! I absolutely loved photographing Deifilia and Paul a couple of weeks ago at Edward Gardens.

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Aug 13 2023

This wedding at Edward Gardens back in June was so beautiful! It’s definitely one of my favourites from this year. Read the rest of this entry »
Jul 07 2016

Summer has been crazy busy! I just noticed it’s been a couple of months since I don’t post any family photo shoots even though I shot tons of them (please make sure to check my Facebook Fan Page for my latest updates!).

I had already worked with this family last year and I was so full of weddings last Fall I never had the chance to post their photos. I just couldn’t let this happen again. I absolutely loved the light on that morning, the kids were super cute so this needed to be here in the middle of all these couples and weddings I’m posting. :)

Oct 03 2014

OMG – what a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day we got for this photo shoot. I really can’t stop looking at these photos – they just make me smile. Such a happy family!

This shoot was to celebrate Cassidy’s birthday. Highlight was definitely her big sister, Kaelin, pulling her in the wagon around Edward Gardens. Had so much fun with these two little ladies!!

Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

May 25 2014

Fiona and Bendy are getting married this September at The Estates of Sunnybrook and this is their E-Session, which was shot at the beautiful Edward Gardens.

This was my second time shooting an Engagement Session over there this year, which is kind of surprising because even though I go there plenty of times for Family shoots, I’ve never had couples asking for that park in particular. Maybe urban E-Shoots are finally old news?

Had an amazing time with Fiona and Bendy – these two are really sweet! Congrats guys, really looking forward for your big day this September. :)

p.s.: You can view the other Edward Gardens’ shoot clicking here. Love the fact that these were shot a couple of weeks apart and one couple got a cloudy day (which they actually liked because Fiona prefers the cold weather) and the other got a sunny day (which was Hanaa’s preference as well!).

May 10 2014

Even though I’m always at Edward Gardens working with families, I’ve never had a couple asking for an engagement shoot over there. And I’ll be honest, it was great taking a break from editing Distillery District/Brickworks photos – the two most popular locations among lovebirds.

The amazing light and super cute couple were a great finish to a very busy Sunday! Hanaa and Asher were really good at posing and being comfortable around each other. Our shoot was such a breeze that Hanaa was able to change THREE times. :)

Congrats on your engagement, Hanaa and Asher. Can’t wait for your wedding this summer!

Jul 01 2013

This is one of the most interesting stories behind a family photo shoot. Olivia’s parents wanted to capture some nice moments to remember before going on an one year trip through the Pan-American highway.

This shoot is from a couple of months ago and they’re already in their camper driving through the greatest sceneries! They actually have a blog and you can checkout their adventures on this link.

Good luck, guys! Hope you have the time of your life in this amazing trip!

Nov 05 2012

This morning I got to work with baby Otávio – he just turned 1 and as soon as I got home I was trying to find blog posts with Margaret’s maternity pictures and his newborn images as well. To my surprise, I forgot to post them last year. So I decided to make this post with a few images from both photo shoots. One of my favorites maternity picture is actually the one on the bottom, where Caroline (baby Otávio’s older sister) is holding Margaret’s belly. She’s a sweetheart. :)

The last image is from today’s shoot. He has become the cutest baby boy!! Yeap, I felt like Elmyra Duff this morning.

Sep 25 2012

First I gotta say I LOVED my old website. I loved my flying pictures and I bet I was the only one that knew you could drag and drop them – I could play with those for hours and I would for sure if I had the time. I also loved the way my Portfolio was displayed. The whole thing was built using Macromedia Flash, so if you tried to view my site using an iPhone/iPad, you would see a boring version of it (= my blog). We needed to do something about it. And this is it.

Hello and welcome to my brand new website. :)

It’s pretty simple but I like it. I love my new logo, my new colors, everything! It definitely reflects who I am today. I don’t miss my old site AT ALL. Thank you, hubby, for doing an amazing job. ♥

My business cards will remain the same, though. Have thousands of those still. HAHA.

Now talking about this photo shoot – this was a gift Camila gave to her dear husband for Father’s Day. I know! I should have blogged about it months ago. I wish I had posted their Maternity pics as well, but you can find a few of them on my Portfolio.

Since this is a Father’s Day post, I gotta say that today is actually my dad’s birthday. Happy B-Day, dad! I know you’re an avid reader of this blog – every time I have visits from Japan, it’s him for sure. lol Thank you for working 2 jobs most of your life to pay for food, school and buy me all the things I wanted. Yeah, I was a spoiled child.

E como estou postando um sessão de Dia dos Pais, preciso dizer que hoje é aniversário do meu pai. Feliz Aniversário, papai! Eu sei que você vem sempre aqui – toda vez que tenho visitas do Japão, tenho 99% de certeza que é você. Obrigada por trabalhar quase sua vida inteira em 2 empregos para pagar minha escola, comprar comida e todas as outras coisas que eu queria. Sim, eu fui uma criança mimada. ハッピー・バースディ!

Oct 13 2010

This past Thanksgiving I got to shoot this beautiful family at the Edward Gardens. I just had a wedding – amazing, by the way! pictures of that coming soon!! – the night before and I got home at 1 in the morning. I must admit that when I woke up that Thanksgiving day I was pretty much dead because of all the events from this past week (weddings, elections, new born portraits… everything happened on one week!!). When I got to the park and met Jack, I totally fell in love with this little kid. He was full of energy, running around and smiling… the thing is, even with all the running, when I talked to him and asked him to sit for a bit and take some pictures, he actually listened to me! So well-behaved! :) His mom and dad were also super kind to me. Guys, thanks very much for a wonderful afternoon! I have some really nice pictures to share.
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