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Edward Gardens Family Photography: Camila, Julio & Oliver
September 25th, 2012

First I gotta say I LOVED my old website. I loved my flying pictures and I bet I was the only one that knew you could drag and drop them – I could play with those for hours and I would for sure if I had the time. I also loved the way my Portfolio was displayed. The whole thing was built using Macromedia Flash, so if you tried to view my site using an iPhone/iPad, you would see a boring version of it (= my blog). We needed to do something about it. And this is it.

Hello and welcome to my brand new website. :)

It’s pretty simple but I like it. I love my new logo, my new colors, everything! It definitely reflects who I am today. I don’t miss my old site AT ALL. Thank you, hubby, for doing an amazing job. ♥

My business cards will remain the same, though. Have thousands of those still. HAHA.

Now talking about this photo shoot – this was a gift Camila gave to her dear husband for Father’s Day. I know! I should have blogged about it months ago. I wish I had posted their Maternity pics as well, but you can find a few of them on my Portfolio.

Since this is a Father’s Day post, I gotta say that today is actually my dad’s birthday. Happy B-Day, dad! I know you’re an avid reader of this blog – every time I have visits from Japan, it’s him for sure. lol Thank you for working 2 jobs most of your life to pay for food, school and buy me all the things I wanted. Yeah, I was a spoiled child.

E como estou postando um sessão de Dia dos Pais, preciso dizer que hoje é aniversário do meu pai. Feliz Aniversário, papai! Eu sei que você vem sempre aqui – toda vez que tenho visitas do Japão, tenho 99% de certeza que é você. Obrigada por trabalhar quase sua vida inteira em 2 empregos para pagar minha escola, comprar comida e todas as outras coisas que eu queria. Sim, eu fui uma criança mimada. ハッピー・バースディ!

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