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Nov 21 2017

I loved loved loved working with baby Jude and his parents. If you come here often, you might recognize this dad – he has been in a few wedding parties I shot. It’s funny because when I knocked on their door and saw Jude’s mom, I immediately recognize her from a wedding I shot FIVE years ago and she attended as a guest. I even remembered the color of her dress. haha :) Read the rest of this entry »
May 16 2017

Kaitlin and Ron’s both engagement session and wedding are definitely worth visiting after you read this blog post! I was getting the links to put at the end of the blog and I just couldn’t stop looking at them – they will definitely make you smile, just like this sweet baby shoot. :) Read the rest of this entry »
May 12 2017

Wedding season starts this week and hopefully it will get warmer! I love winter, but I’m really missing some sun.

Before things get extremely busy I need to post a few family shoots I did from last year Read the rest of this entry »

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