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Edward Gardens Kids Photography: Jack
October 13th, 2010

This past Thanksgiving I got to shoot this beautiful family at the Edward Gardens. I just had a wedding – amazing, by the way! pictures of that coming soon!! – the night before and I got home at 1 in the morning. I must admit that when I woke up that Thanksgiving day I was pretty much dead because of all the events from this past week (weddings, elections, new born portraits… everything happened on one week!!). When I got to the park and met Jack, I totally fell in love with this little kid. He was full of energy, running around and smiling… the thing is, even with all the running, when I talked to him and asked him to sit for a bit and take some pictures, he actually listened to me! So well-behaved! :) His mom and dad were also super kind to me. Guys, thanks very much for a wonderful afternoon! I have some really nice pictures to share.
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