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Jun 25 2015

May and June have been incredibly busy. Just last week I had Kristine and Télcio’s photoshoot (exactly a week ago!), a Bat Mitzvah service the next day, a wedding on Saturday and a Bat Mitzvah party on Sunday! The other days? Using to edit all the photo shoots and weddings from two, three weeks before. My friends tell me they wish they could “only work on weekends”, but I’m pretty sure I work more than most of them. ;)

Weather hasn’t been that great so we’re also having lots of rescheduling, but I was so glad I was able to work with Kristine and Télcio last Wednesday. I’m completely in love with this photo session – I could literally post all photos from this shoot.

Kristine and Télcio are from Brazil and were actually in their honeymoon when these photos were taken. A friend of theirs had shot a maternity photo shoot with me and told them about my work. They only had one week left here in Canada, I didn’t have that many days available, it was raining almost every single day, but thankfully weather decided to cooperate on one of the few days we were both available.

The sunshine last Wednesday was just gorgeous!! Kristine decided to wear the wedding dress that belonged to her mom and honestly, that made the photos even more special! Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

Kristine and Télcio, congrats on your wedding and thanks so much for letting me capture such a special moment in your lives. ♥

Jun 24 2015

As I promised on my last post, I’m finally posting a family photo shoot after having so many couples featured in here.

One of the reasons I’ve been skipping families is that they all want to go to the same location and I feel like you’ve seen enough Edward Gardens around here. LOL

The question that I get the most when booking families is where to go, followed by what to wear. So I always send a what to wear guide with some tips and list of popular locations among families. Even though the list has over 50 locations, I can say that 95% of my families go with Edward Gardens. I can’t blame them, place is beautiful and the kids do enjoy the scenery over there.

Reality is it doesn’t really matter where you go! And this shoot is a great example of that. We were actually going to have the photo session at Edward Gardens but forecast was for rain. Rescheduling was not an option in their case and we decided to have the shoot indoors. Rain was on and off and we were able to go the backyard – and look what we’ve got! I LOVE these photos. In the end, it is really about bonding, playing and having fun – not the location.

Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

Jun 18 2015

I already know I will have a great time at Christine’s and Paul’s wedding next year. It was really fun shooting these two and that’s how engagement sessions should be! Sometimes couples take themselves too seriously, but the secret to a great e-shoot is laughter – so thank you, Paul. :)

Paul is also responsible for me finally ordering USB Flash Drives for wedding clients. LOL I’ve been studying getting those during the past year and I’d always forget about it. But during our meeting, Paul made fun of me still giving DVDs to people and I thought that maybe it was time to upgrade my media. Hopefully by next year all photo shoots will be getting USB Flash Drives instead of DVDs – honestly I think my DVDs are super cute, but I know that their end is near.

I really really shouldn’t be using my time to blog since I have so many photos shoots lined up to be edited, but I needed to post this (I promise my next blog post will be a family photo shoot, I promise!!!). Let me share some of my favorites with you! :)

Jun 08 2015

I live about ten, fifteen minutes away from Parkwood Estate and always heard great things about that location, however I’ve never had the chance to check it out until last year when I shot Amy and Matt’s wedding (click here to view it). To my surprise, another couple decided to use the same spot for their engagement session this past May and I was super excited to work there once again, without all the rush of a wedding day.

And what can I say about these two? This is one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met! They have an amazing life story and I’m so lucky to have had our paths crossed. I already shot their wedding a couple of weeks ago at the Doctor’s House and had, once again, an amazing time. I’ll truly miss them! ♥

Let me share some of the greatest moments from the engagement session with you. Definitely, my favorite one is when H. surprised N. with an engagement ring!! He also brought her family to share this special day with them and I loved all the reactions from N. when seeing all her family there, however I decided to keep those photos private. Enjoy!

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