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Oct 17 2021

Katie’s and David’s wedding at the Bloom Field Gardens in Newcastle last month was absolutely beautiful! Read the rest of this entry »
Oct 31 2016

Oh wow – it’s been too long away from this blog. I’ve been keeping my facebook page updated, however it’s nearly impossible to stop and make blog posts. This is by far the busiest year I’ve had.

I had the pleasure of working with Christine and Paul this past Summer, on the hottest day of the year! They were so much fun and the venue they chose was gorgeous. This was my first time at Bloom Field Gardens in Newscastle and the place is just amazing. Never knew they had such a nice venue so close to home.

Congrats, Christine and Paul! Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness! ♥

Want to check their e-session? Click here! It’s totally worth it. :)

Jun 18 2015

I already know I will have a great time at Christine’s and Paul’s wedding next year. It was really fun shooting these two and that’s how engagement sessions should be! Sometimes couples take themselves too seriously, but the secret to a great e-shoot is laughter – so thank you, Paul. :)

Paul is also responsible for me finally ordering USB Flash Drives for wedding clients. LOL I’ve been studying getting those during the past year and I’d always forget about it. But during our meeting, Paul made fun of me still giving DVDs to people and I thought that maybe it was time to upgrade my media. Hopefully by next year all photo shoots will be getting USB Flash Drives instead of DVDs – honestly I think my DVDs are super cute, but I know that their end is near.

I really really shouldn’t be using my time to blog since I have so many photos shoots lined up to be edited, but I needed to post this (I promise my next blog post will be a family photo shoot, I promise!!!). Let me share some of my favorites with you! :)

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