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Feb 17 2012

This winter has been quite warm and I totally forgot how it felt to shoot during the freezing cold! We postponed this photo shoot a couple of times waiting for snow to come with no luck at all. So we just decided we would pick a day and shoot it anyways. And what happened? It snowed! A WHOLE LOT! It was awesome for the pictures and I’m really glad I had my gloves in my backpack, otherwise I would have to cut this e-session short.

Despite the cold, I had a lot of fun shooting this e-session. They are such a cute couple and Jennifer had this awesome idea of going to an ice rink!! I can’t wait for their wedding day! :)

And just letting you know, my blog probably won’t have any updates for the next month – I’ll be crazy busy editing some weddings from this February and then I’m off to South America to shoot another wedding! Yes, I am going to warm Rio de Janeiro to shoot one of my best friends wedding.

Although I would love to post more stuff from 2011, there is a high chance that if your photo session was shot last year and it hasn’t been published so far, I won’t be posting it here anymore – mainly because they are not in my computer anymore and I just don’t have time to go through my DVDs. Oh, I wish I had more hours in my day! I know I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to updating the blog with non-wedding/couples material, so if you’re coming to this blog searching for maternity, kids and babies photo shoots, I suggest heading to my Facebook Fan Page. Not everybody gets featured in here, but I do post more pictures over there. Even from e-sessions/weddings that I didn’t get the chance to post on the blog.

Feb 03 2012

Some days ago I was browsing through Amazon and I stumbled upon the box set of Dawson’s Creek for sale. I didn’t think twice – I had to buy it, since it was my favorite show ever. Dawson’s Creek was on during my teen years and I loved the way that the series was different from the other teen series around that time. Of course that only lasted for the first season and then it became a teen show like all others – guess it had to do with ratings as well. But I kept watching.

The box set finally arrived and I decided to watch some of the episodes again. Then I realized I was too old for it. I can’t relate to any of that anymore – therefore, it’s no fun wasting a whole hour watching Dawson, Joey, Pacey and their whole drama.

The next day, I decided to give it a another try. For my surprise, the episode I chose did not play on my DVD player and since I read that lots of people had trouble with that box set, I decided to return it and just get a refund. Goodbye, James Van Der Beek.

I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since the 1st season of DC. 10 years ago I was leaving high school and starting university. Wow.

And talking about years, the couple from this post has been together for a long time now and I couldn’t believe how they were still so sweet to each other. This is one of the cutest couples EVER! They were sooo in love – their e-session was great. I love every single image of them! I have so many photo shoots from last year I still want to post in here, but I just had to post this one right away. :)

p.s.: this post was updated on 02/15.

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Feb 02 2012

Having a baby definitely changed me a whole lot. It made me appreciate more my parents, it made me regret the lack of attention I gave to my grandparents (that unfortunately are not here anymore), it made me more concerned about the problems of the world we live in. And it definitely changed the way I edit my pictures.

I remember using A LOT of vintage effects to all my pictures. But after I gave birth to Melody and started taking pictures of her, I wanted to see them as they really were. I still love black & white (and that’s not really vintage for me), but I just don’t wanna see a picture of her that looks like it was taken in the 50’s. Do I still apply those effects to my clients pictures? Yes – because sometimes that effect really works to some images, but I’m doing it way less.

I’m pretty sure many of you that read my blog noticed that change. My brother-in-law actually was one of the first that noticed. I remember posting an E-Session on my Facebook Fan Page last year, a couple of months after I had my baby, and he said, “Did you change your style?”, and I just said, “No, of course not!”… but he was right. I just didn’t realize at that time.

I just hope my clients from my vintage days still like my work so I can take their pictures when they have babies! :)

So this is Mruna and Kamal’s wedding. I’m so lucky to be able to capture weddings from many cultures and I must say I really enjoy Indian weddings – they are so colorful!! Their reception was full of entertainment – they had professional singers, dancers… speeches were very emotional too – that day I could see how Mruna and Kamal are wonderful people.

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