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Feb 02 2012

Having a baby definitely changed me a whole lot. It made me appreciate more my parents, it made me regret the lack of attention I gave to my grandparents (that unfortunately are not here anymore), it made me more concerned about the problems of the world we live in. And it definitely changed the way I edit my pictures.

I remember using A LOT of vintage effects to all my pictures. But after I gave birth to Melody and started taking pictures of her, I wanted to see them as they really were. I still love black & white (and that’s not really vintage for me), but I just don’t wanna see a picture of her that looks like it was taken in the 50’s. Do I still apply those effects to my clients pictures? Yes – because sometimes that effect really works to some images, but I’m doing it way less.

I’m pretty sure many of you that read my blog noticed that change. My brother-in-law actually was one of the first that noticed. I remember posting an E-Session on my Facebook Fan Page last year, a couple of months after I had my baby, and he said, “Did you change your style?”, and I just said, “No, of course not!”… but he was right. I just didn’t realize at that time.

I just hope my clients from my vintage days still like my work so I can take their pictures when they have babies! :)

So this is Mruna and Kamal’s wedding. I’m so lucky to be able to capture weddings from many cultures and I must say I really enjoy Indian weddings – they are so colorful!! Their reception was full of entertainment – they had professional singers, dancers… speeches were very emotional too – that day I could see how Mruna and Kamal are wonderful people.

Congrats, Mruna and Kamal! And don’t forget to check my latest updates at .
Oct 08 2010

Hoyee just got married to Andrew a few weeks ago. We started at the Sheraton Hotel with her getting ready images.
wm3w bl
Then we head out to church.
Even with all the rain, the bride and groom decided to go outdoors to start our portrait session. In the end, the pictures came out stunning!
Then the party started. They had some polka dancers on their reception. It was pretty cool!
Congrats, guys. :)

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