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Cedar Ridge Wedding Photography: Mruna & Kamal
February 2nd, 2012

Having a baby definitely changed me a whole lot. It made me appreciate more my parents, it made me regret the lack of attention I gave to my grandparents (that unfortunately are not here anymore), it made me more concerned about the problems of the world we live in. And it definitely changed the way I edit my pictures.

I remember using A LOT of vintage effects to all my pictures. But after I gave birth to Melody and started taking pictures of her, I wanted to see them as they really were. I still love black & white (and that’s not really vintage for me), but I just don’t wanna see a picture of her that looks like it was taken in the 50’s. Do I still apply those effects to my clients pictures? Yes – because sometimes that effect really works to some images, but I’m doing it way less.

I’m pretty sure many of you that read my blog noticed that change. My brother-in-law actually was one of the first that noticed. I remember posting an E-Session on my Facebook Fan Page last year, a couple of months after I had my baby, and he said, “Did you change your style?”, and I just said, “No, of course not!”… but he was right. I just didn’t realize at that time.

I just hope my clients from my vintage days still like my work so I can take their pictures when they have babies! :)

So this is Mruna and Kamal’s wedding. I’m so lucky to be able to capture weddings from many cultures and I must say I really enjoy Indian weddings – they are so colorful!! Their reception was full of entertainment – they had professional singers, dancers… speeches were very emotional too – that day I could see how Mruna and Kamal are wonderful people.

Congrats, Mruna and Kamal! And don’t forget to check my latest updates at http://www.facebook.com/YukiNodaPhotography .

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