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Oct 16 2014

If I had to describe Fiona’s + Bendy’s big day in one word, it would be emotional: from the very beginning of the day with the Chinese door games till the end of the night with the reception.

Their MCs for the night were superb – it was a fun filled reception with tons of games and you could clearly see how the guests were enjoying themselves. All speeches were in Chinese, but you didn’t really need to speak the language to tear up.

Let me share some of my favorites from this super sunny day at this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS venue. Congrats, Fiona and Bendy! You two are perfect together! Wishing you love and happiness, always! ❤

p.s.: You can check their amazing E-Session clicking here!

Oct 03 2014

OMG – what a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day we got for this photo shoot. I really can’t stop looking at these photos – they just make me smile. Such a happy family!

This shoot was to celebrate Cassidy’s birthday. Highlight was definitely her big sister, Kaelin, pulling her in the wagon around Edward Gardens. Had so much fun with these two little ladies!!

Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

Oct 02 2014

If I were to rank my favorite engagement shoots from this year so far, this couple would easily be on my top 3 list. I absolutely loved Melanie and Jeff engagement session at High Park (click here to view it!) and could not wait for their wedding at the cool and brand new Airship 37.

Their wedding photos started right at the Distillery District – no first looks nor getting ready photos. Melanie didn’t feel like she needed it and, although I do love taking pictures of those moments, I’m not sure if I would want it either if it was my wedding day (I got married a long, long, long time ago when people didn’t even think of having getting ready photos – hey, I’m not that old, it just happens that I got married at 19).

Decoration at the ceremony was simple and beautiful – super kawaii origami and the blue palette was stunning! It went so well with Melanie’s eyes. I liked it so much because you could truly see how it all came together perfectly. At the reception, instead of games, I had the privilege to watch some amazing Odori dance and drumming performances. Guests were completely blown away by those.

Congrats, Melanie and Jeff! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. ♥

Oct 01 2014

I’ve been shooting this family since Lauren was 2 or 3 months old. Interesting story: their first photo shoot was a gift and the person that bought the gift certificate asked me not to use their pictures because she thought they might not want to share their photos on the internet. I don’t really like bothering people, so I never asked them if I could use their photos, even though I really wanted to.

8 photo shoots later I finally decided to ask the parents if they were okay with me using a couple of photos of their kids on my website. And, for my surprise, they said I could use any photo I wanted. Absolutely adore these photos, there’s so much happiness and love – I can’t help but post some of them here. :)

Oct 01 2014

Every once in a while I post a few pictures of my photo books.

This time I’m showing you my Family Photo Book, a 30-page 8 x 8 laminated hardcover book – pages layflat with photographic paper. I never push these albums on my clients since nowadays you can get a photo album from Walmart for close to nothing, but the quality of these are just amazing!

For more info, please contact me at contact(a) .

Oct 01 2014

The title of this post was actually supposed to be “TORONTO Family Portraits”.

It was a Monday – left Whitby at 9:30am to get to the Scarborough Bluffs for a family shoot. This was a family I had worked with last year – I got amazing images back in 2013 so I was pretty excited about the shoot this year.

But once I left the 401, it was SOOO foggy I knew I’d have to cancel the shoot. While we were talking about rescheduling I mentioned Whitby was not foggy when I left my house. To my surprise, they decided to come to Whitby and have their shoot here. :)

Started at Central Park and ended our shoot by the lake. We didn’t get a sunny day, but the photos are stunning anyways! Loved them so much I had to share these with you – even though I have over 5000 wedding images to go through right now.

Oct 01 2014

Sunny, beautiful morning we got for this family photo shoot at the Brick Works.

Edward Gardens and High Park are the most popular locations among my clients for family shoots, so I was actually surprised this year when I got two families wanting to go over there (check out my Facebook Page to see the photos from the other family shoot!). I’m always at the Brick Works for engagements sessions, so it was nice to go there with a family for a change.

I had a great time with Faysal, Liyana and their parents. These kids were super cute and fun to be around! Let me share some of the amazing pictures we got from that morning. :)

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