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Nov 04 2016

Little Claire just turned two and, once again, we went to High Park to register that moment. High Park is such a huge park that we could go there several times and never get the same background on photos! :)

I posted not too long ago Claire’s photo shoot when she turned one (click here!). This little one is such a pleasure to work with – it’s honestly amazing working with all these families and getting to watch their little babies grown.

These are some of my favorites. :)

Apr 28 2016

Another shoot in High Park from last Fall that I’ve been wanting to post here since last year!

Loved working with baby Claire and her parents. I actually met Claire’s mom back in 2011 when she was purchasing a gift certificate for her friend. It was great to hear from again and to meet her family.

These are some of my favorites!

Apr 15 2016

I did a lot of family shoots last year and I’m slowly uploading them over here. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog them all before wedding season starts!!

Loved working with baby Emma and her parents last Fall. We had our photo session at High Park and the day couldn’t be more gorgeous. I just adored all the sunlight coming in those photos and could not wait to share these with you. :)

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