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Aug 16 2015

Last April I decided to switch from DVDs to USB Flash Drives for my wedding clients. Now, I’m happy to say that EVERYBODY is getting them*. :)

Family/engagement/maternity photo shoots will receive their photos on this cute USB key.

For more info, please contact me at contact(a) .

* USB Flash Drives for wedding clients are a bit different than the one above. Please check out this link to see the Wedding USB keys.
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Apr 27 2015

Really happy to inform that my first batch of USB Flash Drives have arrived! Now, wedding clients can choose between receiving their photos on DVDs (usually a wedding gets around 3-4 DVDs) or on a single USB Flash Drive. They are so cute – just love them!! :)

For more info, please contact me at contact(a) .

* at this time only wedding photos are being recorded on USB Flash Drives – Family/Engagement/Maternity/Baby/Other Events photo shoots will still be getting their photos on DVDs.
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Oct 01 2014

Every once in a while I post a few pictures of my photo books.

This time I’m showing you my Family Photo Book, a 30-page 8 x 8 laminated hardcover book – pages layflat with photographic paper. I never push these albums on my clients since nowadays you can get a photo album from Walmart for close to nothing, but the quality of these are just amazing!

For more info, please contact me at contact(a) .

Jan 06 2014

Hope everybody had a great holiday season! Let’s start the year with some new products!! :)

This past year I was really impressed with the number of couples that get overwhelmed by my huge (and heavy!) 12×12 wedding book I bring to meetings.

Even though I still think that book is classic and timeless, I felt that the brides I work with were looking for something lighter and maybe more modern/current. So I finally came up with a wedding book that is lighter, modern, without losing its great quality that my original album has. And the best thing is: it costs 30% less than my original wedding book.

This 9.5 x 9×5 wedding book still has all the good things about my older book: pages layflat, photographic laminated paper, leather cover (16 colors to choose from! – exclusive feature of this new book) and the option of having your names embossed on the cover.

Both are great, it’s just up to you to figure out which album is the right one for you! Please contact me for more info.

Aug 09 2012

This is the busiest August so far! Working every weekend and even some weekdays! I must say I’ve been really excited about these upcoming weddings since I loved all E-Sessions from the couples getting married this month!! Yes, it’s tiring, but I’ll get plenty of rest during the winter – I hope.

Another wedding book being shipped – decided to post some images of this one because it’s different from the regular album I usually bring to my meetings! Instead of the leather cover, you have the hardback cover. I really like the way it looks so current.

Loved it!

p.s.: for info on pricing, please contact me at contact(at) since this book is not available on my Price List.

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