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May 29 2018

All I want to say is I am so in love with these pictures. Read the rest of this entry »
May 28 2014

Cute couple alert! Loved this shoot at Kawartha Lakes. If I remember correctly from our first meeting, Steph was not a big fan of engagement sessions. I remember she had great reasons for not wanting to do that, but my mommy brain is making impossible for me to list them now. Thing is, I couldn’t let such a cute bride get away from an E-Session (and these shoots are always GREAT to know what works and what doesn’t with a couple).

They decided to have the photo session at the place where they actually got engaged – I love when couples choose locations close to their heart instead of following trends they see around the web.

It’s been 3 years since I didn’t have a morning Engagement Session. I usually recommend having e-sessions and family shoots closer to sunset to get the most flattering light, but whenever we can’t do that, early morning is the second best thing! So thanks, Steph and Joe for agreeing on waking up that early!

I had just worked on a wedding the day before and had to set up 3 alarm clocks to make sure I’d be up. lol. Funny I didn’t feel tired at all – it was actually really nice driving all the way to Kawartha Lakes, no traffic, just me and the radio. Also, Steph and Joe were a really sweet and fun couple so that makes things easier. I can tell Joe is not a great fan of taking pictures, but we got so many great ones I have to share with you!

Congrats on your engagement Steph and Joe, can’t wait for you big day. :)

p.s.: I must say tiredness hit me like a truck as soon as I got home.

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