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Feb 26 2018

I photographed Sanja’s and Glenn’s wedding a couple of years ago. Their photos came out amazing and I was very excited to meet their baby girl. Read the rest of this entry »
Feb 13 2018

I met baby Easton this past January. What a pleasure was working with this family! Read the rest of this entry »
Nov 16 2016

What I remember the most about this photo shoot is that it was the last one from a very busy weekend. And I couldn’t have asked for a better family to work with. I met Lali three years ago, when she was interested in getting an engagement session. She saw her friend’s wedding photos I took a while back. This friend of hers is actually regularly here on the blog so definitely check their sessions whenever you have time!

Lali signed her agreement for the e-session, however life got in the way and we never managed to get that done. Years passed, she gets married and I get an email from her asking for baby photos. Summer is filled with weddings, however we were able to have the shoot on a Monday morning. On that particular weekend, I had shot two weddings and a bunch of families sessions. I warned her about maybe arriving late to our shoot since you never know how many accidents you will drive by while going to Toronto on weekday mornings. I also warn parents to remain calm and have patience if the baby doesn’t cooperate – because they are babies and that’s what they are supposed to do. :)

Anyways, no traffic on that day, her baby was so calm, it was such a pleasure to finish my “weekend” with that shoot! I also loved how the photos came out. There’s so much peace on those photos I had to stop posting weddings for a while and give space for this photo session.

Let me share some of my favorites with you!

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