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Jan 10 2019

Happy new year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Read the rest of this entry »
Aug 15 2015

I met Daniel exactly a month ago – loved loved meeting this little guy and his adorable parents at the Coronation Park in Oakville. Daniel is full of energy and it was lots of fun running around and watching him so excited about the world around him!

Daniel and his parents were visiting some friends here in Canada and these friends are regular clients of mine. Since they were here celebrating his second birthday, they decided to add a photo shoot to the trip to register such a special day in their lives.

Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

Jul 06 2015

It’s been raining a lot this summer – actually, on the day of this photo shoot it was thunder storming in Toronto and I was about to call Lucas & Luiza’s parents to reschedule the photoshoot. To my surprise, they said it was sunny over there and I could not believe how the day was so nice, just 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto!

As always, I loved working with Luiza and meeting her new baby brother, Lucas. It was my first time working at Coronation Park, in Oakville. I loved loved these images and could not wait to share a few of my favorites with you.

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