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Jan 10 2019

Happy new year! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Read the rest of this entry »
Feb 14 2013

Patricia’s maternity pictures were posted some months ago and now I have the pleasure to introduce you to baby Julia. One of the cutest baby girls I’ve ever seen, that little one looks just like a doll. 

I’ve been doing plenty of baby pictures during this winter and it’s funny how parents usually expect their baby to behave and cooperate during the photo session. Reality is, most of them don’t! Of course if you’re just looking at my portfolio and not actually having your pictures taken, you’ll think that all babies featured in here look so calm and peaceful. Want to know the truth? Babies cry – sometimes A LOT. And that’s normal – that’s what they’re supposed to do. Sometimes we have to stop the photo session and just wait for them to calm down (usually feeding works wonders).

Although that was not the case for Julia – that baby loved my camera, you can see she was pretty much looking all the time at me!, I’m writing this because every now and then I get parents saying they feel bad for me and they would never imagine their baby would be so much work. Parents, I’m used to it! Don’t feel bad about it. Especially now that I have a toddler and know exactly how it is. I never rush Baby Photo Shoots – if you need to feed/change/calm down the baby, I’ll wait. If we need to just have the shoot another day, that’s fine! Babies are one of my favorites subjects to work with, just because there’s so much love in the pictures. And this shoot is a great example of it. :)

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