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May 29 2014

I really shouldn’t be stopping to post a photo shoot since I’m drowning in photos to edit right now. However I’m completely in love with this session and I had to post it right away!

I’m pretty sure these two don’t even know how photogenic they are and how great their chemistry is in front of the camera. Besides that, they are really fun to be around. Can’t wait for their wedding next month!

I’ll be honest: before this shoot, I hated High Park. I hate how crowded and huge that park is. Always thought it was an overrated park and whenever I could, I convinced families/couples to go to Edward Gardens or somewhere smaller. I was just excited with Melanie+Jeff’s suggestion because initially we were thinking about having the shoot during the blooming of the cherry trees (which we missed it, unfortunately). Anyways… going there on a weekday is a completely different story. It is indeed a beautiful park to go to.

Let me share some of my favorite photos with you! :)

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