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Jul 30 2016

UPDATE: Due to high volume of work, this blog won’t be updated until Fall! I am constantly updating my Facebook Page though, so make sure you become a fan to check on my latest updates. :)

Amanda and Ashley were featured in this blog not too long ago. That was because their engagement session was actually 5 days before their wedding day! If you haven’t checked that yet, I’d highly recommend getting to that link after browsing their wedding photos because it’s totally worth it (click here)! :)

What can I say about their wedding day? It was simply amazing. Even the rain made it look more special. I seriously didn’t miss the sunshine at all.

Everything was just so beautiful and I specially loved their ceremony!! Also, Century Wedding Barn is a gorgeous venue and their decoration was stunning. Honestly this is a wedding every photographer would die to shoot and I’m really grateful I was able to capture their big day.

Congrats, Amanda and Ashley! It was amazing meeting you both. All the best! ♥

Jul 10 2016

I have to start this post saying that you won’t see Sanja’s & Glenn’s engagement session here in the blog because we were very unlucky with the weather: our e-session date was simply on the most windiest day in Toronto this year. Their wedding was right at the corner and we couldn’t find any other dates we both were available – after a back and forth of e-mails on what to do about it, we decided to not reschedule it. I honestly was heartbroken.

Wind was also present during their wedding day, however not as strong as on what was supposed to be their e-session date. So I’m very happy to say we have some AMAZING, STUNNING photos to share! I remember checking the forecast a few days before and it was supposed to rain a whole lot – so this time luck was on our side. :)

Again, super long post, but I promise it’s very worth it!

Congrats, Sanja & Glenn! Wishing you a lifetime of hapiness. ❤

Jul 08 2016

I wasn’t really going to upload this photo session because I recently posted an engagement session at this same location, but there was no way I could skip this shoot!

I mean, look at this couple. Look at this light. Super good-looking people and an amazing light during the evening, I seriously couldn’t stop looking at these photos. I already said this and I will say it again, I love how light is just perfect here in Whitby during the evening.

Can’t wait for Michelle’s and André’s wedding this Summer!! ❤

Jul 07 2016

This is Amanda’s and Ashley’s e-session at the beautiful Rattlesnake Point conservation area. This was my first time there and I honestly loved the place! This engagement photo shoot is brand new and since it’s not always I get to go to new places, I had to post this right away.

I actually met Ashley and Amanda last year when Ashley was the MC for Adrienne’s and Eduardo’s wedding. I was so happy when they contacted me to capture their big day as well!

Can’t wait for their big day this Summer – I’m pretty sure it will be amazing!! ♥

Jul 07 2016

Summer has been crazy busy! I just noticed it’s been a couple of months since I don’t post any family photo shoots even though I shot tons of them (please make sure to check my Facebook Fan Page for my latest updates!).

I had already worked with this family last year and I was so full of weddings last Fall I never had the chance to post their photos. I just couldn’t let this happen again. I absolutely loved the light on that morning, the kids were super cute so this needed to be here in the middle of all these couples and weddings I’m posting. :)

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