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Apr 28 2015

Let me tell you something: different from what you read on every wedding photographer’s “About Me”, I never dreamed of becoming a professional photographer. When I was a little girl I wanted to be writer – I used to write a lot when I was 6-7 thinking that maybe I would get those “books” published one day. Then I became a teenager and completely forgot about it.

Once I had to choose a major in University, I picked Japanese. Why? Don’t ask me, I had no idea what I was doing career wise. Some months later, I decided to study IT. Yes, I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I worked many, many years as a web programmer and although I was pretty good at it, I never really loved that career.

Photography was always there, ever since I was a kid – I used to take millions of photos and had a pretty popular Fotolog. People would tell me how talented I was, however I never thought of earning a living out of that.

If you asked me what was my dream job in my early 20s, I’d say working at Disney World. Doing whatever. Just wanted to be at Magic Kingdom every single day of my life. To this day I love that place and I basically work to support my Disney addiction. Anyways… working at Disney World was not doable for many obvious reasons. However, I have to admit: I’m happy doing this. Really happy. Even though it was never a “dream” I was pursuing. Capturing milestones in people’s lives is wonderful and I’m aware of how lucky I am to be able to make a decent living out of photography.

I mentioned Disney World because that was where I got a call from Ashwin asking me if I was available to shoot their wedding day last month. I honestly thought he was joking since he called me in February – yes, February of THIS year. Turns out it wasn’t a prank call. LOL

I worked with Anna about 5 years ago and I could not believe she still remembered me. Even though their wedding day was just a month away, they also wanted an engagement shoot (which you can view here. check it out later, it’s definitely worth it!). We had the E-Session 4 (yes, FOUR) days before their wedding day.

In the end, everything turn out great – I loved their engagement shoot and can’t even start on how I’m in love with every single picture from this wedding.

This was my first 2015 wedding and I could have not asked for a better couple. Be prepared: this will be a super long post. They had TWO ceremonies: an Indian one and a Polish one. The reception was so full of entertainment and great moments that it was hard to pick which ones were going to be here.

Enough talking – let me share some of my favorite moments with you!

Congrats, Anna and Ashwin! I had an amazing time working with you two! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. ♥

Apr 27 2015

Really happy to inform that my first batch of USB Flash Drives have arrived! Now, wedding clients can choose between receiving their photos on DVDs (usually a wedding gets around 3-4 DVDs) or on a single USB Flash Drive. They are so cute – just love them!! :)

For more info, please contact me at contact(a) .

* at this time only wedding photos are being recorded on USB Flash Drives – Family/Engagement/Maternity/Baby/Other Events photo shoots will still be getting their photos on DVDs.
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Apr 20 2015

Five years (yes, FIVE!!) ago I worked with Julia and Dan on their wedding and engagement session. You can actually view those here and here.

They are one of those couples that have lots of chemistry – you don’t even need to direct them, they just know what to do! Still to this day, even though my style has changed quite a bit (no more vintage filters for me!), their wedding remains one of my favorites. I lost count of how many clients I got just because of their photos on my portfolio!

I was over the moon when Julia contacted me to book a maternity shoot and it was truly an honour to capture another milestone in their lives. I’m in love with these images, especially the lake part – I could look at those FOREVER!

Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

Apr 03 2015

This past weekend was a very busy one. Got home Saturday past midnight after a whole day shooting a wedding and was up very early in the morning for a family shoot on Sunday. During the afternoon I shot a birthday party so I was pretty much away from home the whole weekend!

I won’t lie: I was exhausted on Monday – especially when you have to get up super early to take your kid to school. HOWEVER I could not wait any longer to edit this photo session you see right here. I am completely in love with every single picture I took that Sunday morning. Even though most photos on my portfolio look “candid”, I do direct a bit and tell clients what to do since most people are really nervous during the shoot. This wasn’t the case that Sunday morning – everything you see here is 100% not staged. I LOVE THAT! We just let this super cute little girl do whatever she wanted during that cold morning at the Distillery.

Below are some of my favorites. :)

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