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Apr 26 2018

I had so much fun photographing these two. Marci and Benji are getting married this Fall and after such a great day with them, I honestly cannot wait to work with them again. Because of the weather we had to reschedule this shoot, not once, but two times! I think it was two, but it might have been three? I just know that I’m happy that is finally getting warm! :) Read the rest of this entry »
Apr 03 2015

This past weekend was a very busy one. Got home Saturday past midnight after a whole day shooting a wedding and was up very early in the morning for a family shoot on Sunday. During the afternoon I shot a birthday party so I was pretty much away from home the whole weekend!

I won’t lie: I was exhausted on Monday – especially when you have to get up super early to take your kid to school. HOWEVER I could not wait any longer to edit this photo session you see right here. I am completely in love with every single picture I took that Sunday morning. Even though most photos on my portfolio look “candid”, I do direct a bit and tell clients what to do since most people are really nervous during the shoot. This wasn’t the case that Sunday morning – everything you see here is 100% not staged. I LOVE THAT! We just let this super cute little girl do whatever she wanted during that cold morning at the Distillery.

Below are some of my favorites. :)

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