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Nov 17 2012

Lots of babies being born this Autumn. :)
Julia was born this weekend, so I decided to share with you their maternity pictures, which I absolutely love! Patricia and Thiago are also big Disney fans, just like me, so you must imagine that I had to spend some extra minutes taking their pictures to make up for the time that I spent talking about WDW.

Congrats, Patricia and Thiago! Can’t wait to take pictures of Julia!

Nov 15 2012

This is one of the weddings I’ve been waiting anxiously to happen. Why? Because Aileen and Brandon are the couple every photographer wants. Besides the fact they are really good looking (I overheard some guests saying they look like Barbie and Ken – Aileen actually reminds me of Jen Aniston and Brandon looks like those actors from old movies), PDA is not a problem for them and they are extremely nice, easy going people.

It was cute watching them. Since our e-session, I felt like I was shooting a high school couple. You know when you’re in high school and you have the biggest crush on someone and your eyes just sparkle when you look at that person? That’s how they look at each other! I think it’s pretty noticeable from the pictures.

They got married in a gorgeous church 5 minutes away from my house (that’s a first!) and then we went for the portraits. At first, they were thinking of doing portraits before the ceremony, but Brandon really wanted to first see Aileen in her white dress walking down the aisle. We still had time for some amazing portraits at the Trafalgar Castle School and around the Lake House, however I really wished we had time to go to the beach. :( If you’re reading this, Brandon & Aileen, how about a Trash the Dress photo shoot in the future?? :))

Congrats, Brandon and Aileen!

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Nov 11 2012

Top 3 things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

#1 You must love the photographer’s work (or at least like a whole lot): if you can’t go through the photographer’s blog posts (it doesn’t matter if it’s wedding related or not), this means he/she is not the right photographer for you;
#2 You must get along with your photographer: that’s why we should ALWAYS meet up before signing any agreements. I’ve been trying really hard to schedule meetings with ample time to chat about all your big day’s details, but sometimes that’s just not possible, especially if you want to meet during weekends. So the best thing is to schedule a meeting during the weekdays – otherwise you might get the impression I’m in a rush to end the meeting (on weekends, I usually squeeze meetings between photo shoots).
#3 Rates that fit your budget: you can check out my starting rates on the top menu – if I was the bride, I wouldn’t really like photographers that do not post their rates on their website. I just think it saves time for both of us.

Noor considered all these 3 things above when booking me. She was having a South Asian wedding and was not concerned at all that I wasn’t a photographer that just shot Indian/Pakistani weddings; she said she liked all my blog posts because I was able to capture amazing moments, so thank you Noor, for trusting my work. We got along so well that by the end of our meeting we were talking cosmetics and girly stuff. :)

Noor and Omar’s henna party/wedding this past August was filled with color, singing, dancing and emotion. What more can I ask for? Let me share a few images with you.

Congrats, Noor and Omar! It was a pleasure shooting your big day. :)

Nov 06 2012

I just learned that Claudia and Robinson’s baby girl has arrived. This is their maternity photo shoot from a couple of months ago – we started it at their place and we even got some pictures with their lovely maine coon cat, Gia. Then we went walking to the Toronto Music Garden for some outdoor shots. Just loved the way Claudia looked, so calm and peaceful.

Claudia and Robinson, congrats on the arrival of your baby girl! Hope she brings lots of happiness to your home. :)

Nov 05 2012

I shot Owen’s Bar Mitzvah beginning of the year. I had this blog post as a draft since this past summer and I completely forgot to post it with all the weddings and family photo shoots going on. I’m still pretty busy – currently editing 2 family photo shoots and 1 wedding, but I’m posting this before it’s too late. You’ll notice that the layout from this post is even different from how I’m currently posting my shoots.

I usually don’t post lots of non-wedding events, so I decided not to leave this post as draft so people can find me if they search for Bar Mitzvahs. When I have the time, I will also make a post about some birthday parties and other special events I shot this year. So yeah, Yuki Noda Photography also shoots Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, baptisms, etc. :)

And although I wanted to post some of the weddings from the images I’ve been posting on my Facebook Fan Page, I REALLY can’t seem to find the time (posting weddings in here is a ton of work!). :(

Nov 05 2012

This morning I got to work with baby Otávio – he just turned 1 and as soon as I got home I was trying to find blog posts with Margaret’s maternity pictures and his newborn images as well. To my surprise, I forgot to post them last year. So I decided to make this post with a few images from both photo shoots. One of my favorites maternity picture is actually the one on the bottom, where Caroline (baby Otávio’s older sister) is holding Margaret’s belly. She’s a sweetheart. :)

The last image is from today’s shoot. He has become the cutest baby boy!! Yeap, I felt like Elmyra Duff this morning.

Nov 04 2012

Right now I’m editing two weddings and have five family photo shoots + my last wedding of the year during the next couple of weeks. This means I really shouldn’t be blogging. The thing is… I LOVED this photo shoot and I’ve been meaning to post it for a while now. I’m pretty sure that by this time, Tiffany’s baby boy has a name. :)

Since I really have to get back to my editing, I will keep this short. Just a interesting fact: this photo session happened on their wedding anniversary! It was a complete coincidence since we had to reschedule this shoot lots of times because of the weather. I’m glad we did – look at the STUNNING pictures we got at the park. They are so magical, I wish I had maternity pictures like that. As they say, the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot. I don’t have ONE good picture of me pregnant – maybe because I didn’t look as good as Tiffany. Next time I’ll make sure to stay away from junk food! =P

p.s.: I must say that currently I’m a bit like JJ Abrams on Star Trek – I’m crazy about lens flare. At least mine are real. :)

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