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Sep 24 2013

Michelle and Colin are a really cute couple that I had the pleasure of shooting this year. Michelle was the nicest bride ever, so easy to work with! I’m pretty sure she has no idea of how beautiful she is and I just loved working with such a photogenic bride! They also were responsible for giving me one of my favorites E-Sessions of the year.

They got married at the Trafalgar Castle School, a really nice venue here in Whitby. And of course, I don’t get tired of saying how much I enjoy working close to home. :)

Congrats, Michelle and Colin! Wishing you all the happiness in the world. ♥

Nov 15 2012

This is one of the weddings I’ve been waiting anxiously to happen. Why? Because Aileen and Brandon are the couple every photographer wants. Besides the fact they are really good looking (I overheard some guests saying they look like Barbie and Ken – Aileen actually reminds me of Jen Aniston and Brandon looks like those actors from old movies), PDA is not a problem for them and they are extremely nice, easy going people.

It was cute watching them. Since our e-session, I felt like I was shooting a high school couple. You know when you’re in high school and you have the biggest crush on someone and your eyes just sparkle when you look at that person? That’s how they look at each other! I think it’s pretty noticeable from the pictures.

They got married in a gorgeous church 5 minutes away from my house (that’s a first!) and then we went for the portraits. At first, they were thinking of doing portraits before the ceremony, but Brandon really wanted to first see Aileen in her white dress walking down the aisle. We still had time for some amazing portraits at the Trafalgar Castle School and around the Lake House, however I really wished we had time to go to the beach. :( If you’re reading this, Brandon & Aileen, how about a Trash the Dress photo shoot in the future?? :))

Congrats, Brandon and Aileen!

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