Aug 12 2014

This is Hanaa & Asher’s wedding day – you might remember them from a gorgeous engagement session I shot last April, at the Edward Gardens (click here to view it!). The day was beautiful and this couple was super photogenic so I was counting the days for their big day, at the Manor, in Kettleby.

I remember we had a bit of chance of rain for that Sunday, but we were really lucky and got another beautiful day. Decoration was classic and elegant and the party could’ve not been more fun! Reception was definitely the highlight of the day – Hanaa and Asher were super cute singing “Time of My Life” (from Dirty Dancing), we had some very emotional (and some very funny) speeches and the guests were really enjoying themselves at the dance floor.

Congrats, Hanaa and Asher! May the years to come bring loads of joy and fill your lives with unbounded love. ♥

Aug 06 2014

If I were to rank my favorite engagement shoots from this year so far, this couple would easily be on my top 3 list. I absolutely loved Melanie and Jeff engagement session at High Park (click here to view it!) and could not wait for their wedding at the cool and brand new Airship 37.

Their wedding photos started right at the Distillery District – no first looks nor getting ready photos. Melanie didn’t feel like she needed it and, although I do love taking pictures of those moments, I’m not sure if I would want it either if it was my wedding day (I got married a long, long, long time ago when people didn’t even think of having getting ready photos – hey, I’m not that old, it just happens that I got married at 19).

Decoration at the ceremony was simple and beautiful – super kawaii origami and the blue palette was stunning! It went so well with Melanie’s eyes. I liked it so much because you could truly see how it all came together perfectly. At the reception, instead of games, I had the privilege to watch some amazing Odori dance and drumming performances. Guests were completely blown away by those.

Congrats, Melanie and Jeff! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. ♥

Jul 28 2014

I remember when Aileen first called me wanting to book an engagement session. She didn’t have a date for her wedding yet. I remember meeting her and Brandon at a Starbucks and at that time I had no idea that I would love working with them so much.

We had the E-Session and I can recall talking to my husband while I was editing their images. “I really really REALLY want to shoot their wedding. Look at those photos, they are perfect!! Hope I’m not booked when she picks her wedding date!”, and it wasn’t because they were good looking, but it was because they had so much chemistry in front of the camera.

Some months passed and Aileen e-mailed me to book her wedding day. I was literally jumping up and down.

This happened 2 and a half years ago. Since then, I lost count on how many people contacted me because of them. I also have to thank their relatives (especially Brandon’s mom!) for talking about my work! Really can’t thank them enough.

This current photo session was supposed to happen last Fall, to celebrate Aileen and Brandon’s 1st wedding anniversary. Weather wasn’t that great last year – we never really got a decent Fall and we ended up postponing the shoot to Spring. So in the end, we’re really celebrating two years of marriage. :)

We decided to stay around Whitby – starting at Cullen Central Park, then going for some quick photos “downtown” Whitby and ending the shoot by the lake. Light was just perfect! Love love these. Amazing how two years have passed and they are still so good at PDA. Wish I could take pictures of them every single year!

p.s.: you can view their Engagement and wedding photos here and here.


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