Oct 20 2014

Back in the Summer of 2011 I shot Wenwen’s and Shawn’s wedding anniversary photos. Then, in the Fall of that same year, Wenwen hired me again to have a shoot with her mom that was coming all the way from China.

I remember just loving working with Wenwen and her family, so I was super excited when she emailed me this year to book a photo shoot with her baby. And what a cute baby! Loved loved meeting and working with baby Christopher.

We started at their place and went for a walk in Unionville. That park is absolutely beautiful! Her mom was also there so we had the chance to snap a few romantic photos for Shawn and Wenwen as well. :)

Let me share some of my favorites with you.

Oct 16 2014

If I had to describe Fiona’s + Bendy’s big day in one word, it would be emotional: from the very beginning of the day with the Chinese door games till the end of the night with the reception.

Their MCs for the night were superb – it was a fun filled reception with tons of games and you could clearly see how the guests were enjoying themselves. All speeches were in Chinese, but you didn’t really need to speak the language to tear up.

Let me share some of my favorites from this super sunny day at this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS venue. Congrats, Fiona and Bendy! You two are perfect together! Wishing you love and happiness, always! ❤

p.s.: You can check their amazing E-Session clicking here!

Oct 09 2014

This wedding was absolutely beautiful! I was a bit worried the whole week before because forecast was for a lot of rain – however, for our luck, all the rain decided to fall the night before. :)

I loved pretty much everything from this wedding – Steph’s super modern dress (it had pockets!!), her bridesmaids’ cocktail dresses, her GORGEOUS GORGEOUS bouquet (if only I could go back in time and have THAT bouquet on my wedding day), Joe’s super excited groomsmen, a lovely and tearful ceremony (under a sky that couldn’t decide between cloudy and sunny), amazing sunshine during the portraits and a super fun reception.

The drive to Blue Mountain was totally worth it – congrats, Steph and Joe! Wishing you love and happiness, always. ♥


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