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Jul 06 2019

Such a cute baby I got to meet last week! Please let me introduce you to Aviva. :) Read the rest of this entry »
Feb 20 2011

Tomorrow is Family Day so I decided to post these pictures from a baby that you might already know – if you visit my blog often.
Last year I took pictures of Matteo’s mom with a big big belly; some couple of months later she called me again to make images of her 7-days-old baby and now I recently had the pleasure to visit them again. Matteo is all grown up and so cute! Can’t wait to have my own. :)

Happy Family Day everyone!

I had to post this picture! Look at that, he already knows how to unlock the cellphone!!
And look at his two little teeth! Sooo cute.
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May 10 2010

Yesterday I got to shoot the soon mommy and daddy-to-be Fabiola and Jairo.
It’s funny how they say that pregnant women have a different glow, and that’s actually true. Fabiola was just so pretty, it was really easy to get great shots.

Congrats, Fabiola, 5 more weeks for Matteo’s arrival! :)

Here are some of the photos; check our Facebook page for more pictures.

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