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Markham Museum Wedding Photography: Jenny & Francisco
June 7th, 2016

I loved everything, EVERYTHING about this wedding. I wish I could post all their photos here without having my website hosting company complain about having too many photos on my first page – LOL. I did go crazy on my Facebook page while editing their photos and posted more than I usually do. I seriously had to control myself and not post anymore.

What I liked so much about this day?

1. Jenny and Francisco are a super cute couple. They just have a lot of chemistry and it shows on photos as you can check here and on their engagement session this past winter.
2. They got ready at a school. How cool is that? Seriously, I loved walking into that house near the church and seeing a bunch of preschool classrooms!
3. The church they got married is GORGEOUS. Any photographer would be over the moon to work over there. Besides the building being beautiful, the property its located in is amazing – a lot of green and it’s so very quiet and peaceful.
4. The venue they chose for their reception is also great. Markham Museum has a lot of nice locations to take photos at.
5. Instead of having the regular white fur coat every bride has, Jenny wore a leather jacket! She is, once again, very cool.

I could go on and on (did I mention their dessert table? or her dress? or the flowers?.. seriously, I loved every single thing about this day). Also, this wedding made me love cloudy/rainy days again.

Jenny and Francisco, congrats! It was great meeting you two and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. ♥

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