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May 11 2014

It’s funny how time flies when you get older. Just now I noticed it’s been almost 5 months since I posted a family shoot here. I worked with so many wonderful families last year and never had a chance to stop and write about them. I even had families asking me if I didn’t like their shoot because they never appeared in my blog (!).

Thing is, after you have kids, your priorities change quite a bit. I’m always working on weekends and then, on weekdays, I also have to stay on my computer editing photos. When I’m done with the editing, I just want to spend as much time as I can with my daughter and this blog, unfortunately, is not a priority anymore. I do post some new work on my Facebook page (; that’s the place where you should go to check out my newest work.

This is Francesco and this photo session is celebrating his 100th day, a special occasion in Chinese culture. It was such a pleasure to meet this cute little baby and his older brother, Matteo.

Our shoot started with just Francesco and his mom. A few minutes later, Matteo and his dad arrived from swimming lessons. First thing Matteo did was go to his brother room and hug him! Cutest thing EVER! It was incredible to see such a young boy caring so much about his younger brother.

May 08 2012

These photos are fresh from the oven! This photo shoot has an interesting story: last year, Leia – Lucas’ mom – called me to book her maternity photo session. Some friends we have in common referred her to me. I wasn’t able to photograph her because I was having a baby as well! The thing is we talked for a while on the phone and I don’t remember why we ended up talking about her wedding pictures. Her wedding was shot by one of my favorite photographers ever and I actually had seen her pictures years ago!

An year has passed and she contact me to book a family photo shoot since Lucas would be turning 1. This time I was available and I’m really happy she remembered me. Lucas is such a cute baby!! I’m completely in love with this photos. :)

Jul 09 2010

Had a really nice photo shoot last week with this lovely family. Aliadne and Luciano just had Laura and Thomas – yes, they’re twins! Amazingly, Laura looks just like her mommy and Thomas got the looks from his daddy.

It was a extremely hot day, but it was totally worth it in the end. More photos at


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