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Jan 26 2018

I photographed Ashley’s and Chris’ wedding + engagement back in 2013. I remember their wedding and engagement photos so well! They were definitely one of my favorite couples to work with and you will still find them on my portfolio. I’m posting links to both wedding and e-session at the end of this post, they are definitely worth viewing again. :) Read the rest of this entry »
Oct 05 2013

Ashley and Chris are the dream couple of every photographer. Not because they are (obviously) a good-looking couple, but because they have chemistry in front of the camera.

All I can remember about their wedding day was lots and lots (and lots!) of fog. It didn’t rain (well, not that much), so we were able to get many great photos outdoors – such a beautiful scenery they chose! Of course we all want blue skies on our wedding day, but the photos we got are absolutely stunning and mostly because of how the weather turned out. I love how dreamy some of these images look and wouldn’t want them in any other way.

Congrats, Ashley and Chris! Wishing you an amazing life together! :)

Jul 03 2013

From our first meeting, I just remembered Ashley was really pretty and Chris was “okay” – so I was surprised when I saw them both again. I’m so lucky to get all these good-looking couples this year! :)

I also have something to confess: right before the E-Session, I take a look at the wedding agreement to get the groom’s-to-be name. Most of the time I don’t remember just because they usually never talk during our meeting – I can say 80% of grooms just say “Whatever she’s happy with”. And although I knew Ashley’s fiancĂ© was called Chris because she mentioned his name several times on our e-mails exchange, I had to pause several times when talking to them because everytime I looked at him I wanted to call him Ryan [Gosling]. Ashley could be easily called Katy [Perry] if I didn’t know her name. :)

These two are extremely photogenic and it was really hard to edit out images. I basically just removed some images from the end of our shoot because they looked tired – that’s the disadvantage of shooting on a work day: they already start our shoot kind of tired. =/

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