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Jul 20 2015

Not so long ago I posted a photo shoot at this same place, however I could not skip posting this e-session because I simply adore this location (and also because this couple is super cute!!). I love Scarborough Bluffs so much that it’s been even the location for my own family photo shoot a couple of years ago.

This was Leigh’s and Simon’s engagament session. We had to reschedule this shoot a couple of times but it was definitely worth it. Look at the glorious light we got on that day! Perfect, perfect lighting. I had a great time working with them and I just can’t wait for their wedding next month.

Let me share some of favorites with you. :)

Jul 19 2015

It’s been a while since my last maternity photo shoot here and I definitely needed to post this one. I absolutely loved working at this new location suggested by Faith and Alex.

I know many clients prefer to go to places I’ve been before (Edward Gardens, Brickworks, High Park and Distillery District are the most popular ones), but honestly I love going to new locations. This is Fairy Lake park in Newmarket – gosh! What a gorgeous park!! Cannot believe I didn’t hear about that place till now.

The day was great – light was amazing and I had a great time working with Faith & Alex. Let me share some of my favorites with you! Congrats, Faith and Alex, can’t wait to photograph your newest addition to the family! :)

Jul 14 2015

I know every time I’m shooting a wedding here in Whitby I start my blog post with the same line, however, I can’t help it: I love working 10 minutes away from home. :)

You might remember Laura and Ray from a Fall e-session I posted not too long ago (click here!). They celebrated their wedding just last month! Ceremony was held at the beautiful Trafalgar Castle School followed by a reception by the lake. We were really lucky to get a sunny weekend during these rainy days. Honestly could not wait to have some time during these busy summer days to post this.

Congrats, Laura and Ray! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. ♥

Jul 06 2015

It’s been raining a lot this summer – actually, on the day of this photo shoot it was thunder storming in Toronto and I was about to call Lucas & Luiza’s parents to reschedule the photoshoot. To my surprise, they said it was sunny over there and I could not believe how the day was so nice, just 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto!

As always, I loved working with Luiza and meeting her new baby brother, Lucas. It was my first time working at Coronation Park, in Oakville. I loved loved these images and could not wait to share a few of my favorites with you.

Jul 06 2015

Posting a wedding here at the blog means spending at least a good 3 hours of my day: deciding which photos will go here, resizing all of them, uploading everything to the blog, putting everything together making sure it tells a story, going through everything once again and deleting some so it’s not a super long post.

During summer spending 3 hours doing that while I need to edited photo sessions that are happening right now is tough. However this was my first time shooting at the beautiful Doctor’s House and I could not skip N. and H.’s wedding from here.

It’s really hard to not make the post super long because there are so many images I love and wanted to share with you and it honestly breaks my heart to not post everything I could. Even my web hosting service already warned me I post to many photos on my front page and it might make my site slower. LOL.

Anyways, this is N. and H.’s wedding from last May. You can also view their e-session here. Congrats N. and H., best wishes always! ♥

Jul 03 2015

Just this past June I went out to work 15 times. 15 days out working is a lot, especially because I still need to edited everything, have meetings, design albums, answer emails, write emails, answer phone calls, etc.

I won’t lie: during this time of the year I’m a bit exhausted and the blog is not a priority at all, however I could not skip this photo shoot for many reasons: 1. this was the first time I shot in Owen Sound and this city is truly amazing! 2. I absolutely adored working with this couple – they were super sweet and a lot of fun 3. This photo you see above got A LOT of Facebook likes in a single day so I couldn’t leave it out of my website.

Let me share a few of my favorites from that afternoon with you. We actually started at the beautiful Morland Place (can’t wait to have the opportunity to shoot a wedding over there!), then we headed to Indian Falls.

I can’t really write much because I do have a lot of clients waiting to view their photos (and I’m really sorry I’m not doing sneak peeks for all photo shoots during this summer), but I want to thank Angela and Jevon for the amazing afternoon! Thank you guys so much for taking me to all these gorgeous locations and I really can’t wait to shoot your wedding at Lora Bay next year. :)

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