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Jun 29 2011

update: Jen, thanks for the cactus! I’ll try my best to take good care of it and keep it alive :)

You might recognize this couple from an e-session I posted this past January. Jen and Calvin just got married!!

The day flew by so fast!!! So much happened! If I’m not wrong, she changed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times!

We had getting ready pictures, portraits, ceremony, more portraits, reception, traditional Chinese tea ceremony, traditional Korean ceremony… I never worked so much! LOL Usually I’m pretty much done when the reception starts, but on her wedding, the day was just starting – so prepare yourselves for lots of pictures in this post!!

I’m sorry, but I had to post all these getting ready pictures because I just loved them. Now let’s head to the ceremony. The location was amazing!! And they walked down the aisle dancing to “Nobody”, from the Wonder Girls – even the dad!!
After ceremony we did some amazing portraits.
Then the reception started. I just loved her decoration. She actually did it herself – the girl is a designer so no wonder these would look stunning. I wish I was a real guest so I could take home the wedding favour.
I get emotional when I get a seat. LOL
It’s interesting how most people think that Asians are all the same, but we’re quite different! (Yeap, I’m half Japanese – check the About Me later) I’m posting some pictures of the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the Korean ceremony so you can see that they don’t look anything like each other. Jennifer was the cutest thing with the Korean outfit.
And then she changes again!!
I know this was a long post, but so much happened and I wanted to share all the details with you. Congrats, Jen and Calvin! I loved shooting your wedding!

And don’t forget to join my Facebook page at . I’ve been posting lots of pictures you won’t see here over there!

Jun 28 2011

Then we headed to the reception.
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Jun 28 2011

This event took place at the Hyatt – awesome view!
After dinner was served, the presentations started.
They opened the dance floor and everybody joined. It was time for me to leave, but the best is yet to come – their wedding!
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Jun 26 2011

I loved this wedding for many reasons: the venue was espectacular, the bride and groom were so in love – they looked like a high school couple that just started dating, and the dad of the bride was the cutest thing ever! I got really emotional by the way he looked to his daughter, so happy. He was taking photos, filming… such a proud dad!!

The day started at the groom’s house. Usually when I get there, they are already in their tuxedos and I end up faking the getting ready part. But here, they were truly getting dressed! And at the bride’s house, everybody was ready to go to the church. :)

We then headed to the church. The ceremony was beautiful.
Time came for some portraits! It was supposed to rain on that day… I’m so glad it didn’t. I just loved the way these pictures came out!!
Then it was time for the reception to start. I must say that the speeches were amazing – I didn’t got to see all of them, but her dad’s and Laura’s made me cry… and I NEVER cry when I’m working at weddings.
They danced to “You are so beautiful” and it was time for me to leave. :(
Congrats, Laura and Dan! May you guys live happily ever after!
Jun 15 2011

What can I say about this e-session? I absolutely loved it! If I could, I’d post all pictures here, REALLY!… The location they chose was amazing – I was so happy to go somewhere else other than the Distillery District!!

Michael and Ashley are such a cute couple, I had an awesome time with them – the evening went by so fast I wish I had more time to take their engagement photos! Now I can’t wait for their wedding.

That “A ♥ M” on the rock over there was not made by us!! It was already there, I SWEAR!
Jun 08 2011

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot this very important time on Hannah’s life: her Bat Mitzvah. The pictures turned out great. Let me share some of them with you. First part was at the synagogue, beautiful place by the way.
Second part is the party! Before it began, we shot some amazing portraits.
Then the party started!! Practically everybody was at the dance floor!
It all ended with an ice cream truck! YUMMY!!
I had a great time, congratulations, Hannah!

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