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Sep 26 2015

UPDATE: Due to high volume of work this Fall, I will only be uploading new work to my blog in December! I’m still publishing new stuff on my Facebook Page, so make sure you check that out clicking here. I’m also fully booked during October and November. See you in the Winter! :)

UPDATE: Due to high volume of work this Fall, I will only be uploading new work to my blog in December! I’m still publishing new stuff on my Facebook Page, so make sure you check that out clicking here. I’m also fully booked during October and November. See you in the Winter! :)

What a perfect wedding from start to finish! This is probably one of my favorite weddings of the year. And let me tell you that it was very tough getting to South Pond Farms under heavy thunderstorms (you could never tell from this photo above, right?!). OMG – it was raining A WHOLE LOT all morning and early afternoon. The staff was already setting up the ceremony inside the barn, but then, once Christie arrived, the rain suddenly stopped!

Honestly, this venue is so gorgeous and Christie and Dan looked so stunning that even under rain the photos would still come out amazing.

I also have to say that I never posted so many reception photos: the party was too much fun! Games were original, speeches were out of this world. Be prepared: this is a very long post and I tried my best to post just my favorites.

Congrats, Christie and Dan! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! ♥

p.s.: Want to view their engagement session? Click here!

Sep 16 2015

JK is awesome, seriously! I have to say I’m loving editing photos in normal human working hours. If you missed my last post and have no idea what I’m talking about, well, my daughter just started Junior Kindergarten. :)

In the last 4 years lots of photo shoots didn’t make the blog due to having no time at all, but now I have the feeling I will be able to keep this updated more often (or maybe I’ll just use the extra time to chill LOL).

This is Aileen’s & Brandon’s Maternity Photo Shoot and this couple is really close to my heart because of so many reasons… I used to live in Toronto but then I had Melody and we decided it was best to move to the suburbs. I didn’t know anybody here in Whitby and then I got a call from Aileen – it was really a coincidence that she lived here as well because she actually got to know my work through a videographer friend of mine and he had no idea I moved to Whitby. So Brandon and Aileen were my first local couple! (not my first wedding in the Durham region though – I came here a couple of years before, when I had no idea I’d live here)

Anyways… they are also special because I basically love to work with them. Their looks have nothing to do it (obviously they are good looking people), it’s more about their chemistry. Lastly, I got many, many, many, many referrals from them. So thank you so very much, Aileen and Brandon, for sharing your wedding photos! :)

Enough said, let me share some of favorite photos from this new milestone in their lives.

Congrats, guys! Can’t wait to see your baby! ♥

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Sep 15 2015


Leigh’s and Simon’s wedding was my last one from the month of August, which was a super busy month! Lots of weddings and family photo shoots so I’m really only going out to work and coming right back home to make sure everybody gets their photos on a reasonable time.

I will not write that much today since I have so many photo sessions to go through, however I need to say that I loved working with this couple and their wedding at the Toronto Reference Library was truly beautiful! Very elegant and simple; and I knew it really reflected their personalities from the short time we spend together during their e-session.

Congrats, Leigh and Simon! It was great working with you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. :) ♥

* Want to see their Engagement photos? Click here!

Sep 09 2015

This past August I worked all weekends and lots of weekdays, so I’ve been really busy! It’s hard to keep this blog updated, however, yesterday was my daughter’s first day at JK and that means more working time for me, so hopefully I’ll come here more often. :)

This photo shoot is super fresh and I needed to post this right now – UofT is probably in my top 3 favorite places to work and I just LOVED these photos!! I worked with Ron back in 2012 when he was part of a wedding party. I was so happy that he still remembered me and that he and his fiancée liked my work.

Kaitlin was pretty shy at the beginning of the shoot, but by the end of it they were pros! I just can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!

Let me share some of my favorites with you. :)

Sep 08 2015

What a pleasure was spending Sunday morning with Anna and Eric! Their wedding took place at the beautiful Kortright Centre, just last month. I actually worked with Eric and his family a few years back in 2012, shooting his sister’s big day at the Eglinton Grand – you can check that wedding and my old logo clicking here. :)

Kortright Centre is a beautiful conservation area in Woodbridge and I’m really excited to share these with you! Anna and Eric are nature lovers and this venue was just perfect for them. Their ceremony was during the morning followed by a lunch reception – once everybody left, we were able to get a bit of the amazing sunset light during the late afternoon (this photo you see up there is actually from our last minutes together!).

Congrats, Anna & Eric! Wishing you all the happiness in the world. ♥

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