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Eglinton Grand Wedding Photography: Heidi & Dan
April 16th, 2012

This is Heidi and Dan’s wedding. They are definitely one of the coolest couples I ever shot. First, look at the title they decided to put on the Eglinton Grand. For the first time EVER, I drove by that place and there wasn’t a cheesy thing written over there.

Then, when I get to Dan’s house, his computer (or iPod, whatever) is playing Britpop. I mean, who really listens to Some Might Say in 2012? I do! Their place was filled with things I like as well… and whoever gave them a book and quoted Michael Scott is also really cool. :P

I loved her bouquet – she decided to go for tulips… my favorite! It was really fun to shoot a couple that has so much in common with me (except for Justin Bieber – and no… I won’t be explaining that here). Let me share with you some of my favorite pictures – originally I intended to post over 60 images, but that’s just too many for a single blog post… so compromising pictures of the Biebs with some guests will be left out of this post. ;)


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