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Jul 26 2014

I think it’s pretty obvious that I loved working with Erika and Chris. So instead of sitting here and just going about how good-looking they were, that I can’t wait for their big day and blah blah blah, I will just say I want to move to Alliston!! We went to Earl Rowe Provincial Park and ended the shoot “downtown”. What a charming little place! :)

We had to reschedule this shoot 3 or 4 times because weather is just not helping at all this year. First it was freaking cold, then it was too cold still, then it rained, and on the 4th time we just decided to go ahead with it even though the day was super cloudy and calling for a bit of rain.

The day was pretty gray when I got there – that really didn’t matter because the location was gorgeous. But during the final minutes of our shoot (which you’re seeing first here), the sun decided to show up. Perfect ending to a great photo session. ♥

Jul 25 2014

I was super excited about this wedding because, 1st: loved Lo & Chris e-session and I knew that they would give me amazing photos during their wedding day; 2nd: they were getting married at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, which is an amazing venue!

Forecast was calling for thunderstorms on that Saturday, but we got a pretty bright day – it was also Doors Open Toronto, so we had to deal with lots of people everywhere! Good thing Lo & Chris were okay being on the spotlight and we manage to capture great shots in a very tight schedule.

Congrats, Lo & Chris! It’s so great to see two awesome people like you getting married. Love and best wishes always! ♥

Jul 24 2014

Besides the fact that I simply adore this shoot, I’m also taking the time to post this because it’s really rare to get inquires about family photo shoots with older kids.

Adam’s aunt decided to give him this shoot as graduation gift. The location? Their own backyard, which I loved – it made the shoot much more intimate and special. Everybody was pretty emotional since Adam was leaving for university soon.

So let me share my favorites with you – hope that parents seeing this will rethink about stop taking photos with their kids just because they’re not little and “cute” anymore. ;)

Jul 24 2014

You might remember these two from a really challenging E-Session (will never forget running away from mosquitoes!!). Dora and Paul are really cute couple that decided to wear Converse shoes for the wedding. LOVED IT! Wish Converse would see this and turn it into an advert. :)

This was a very lovely intimate wedding – they exchanged vows in front of their family and two of their closest friends at the beautiful Old Mill Inn.

A couple of weeks before the wedding we were a bit worried about the weather. Forecast wasn’t that great for their big day so they decided to book Knox College, which is a gorgeous location for indoor photos. We were really lucky – by the time we actually needed to be outdoors, the rain had stopped so we were able to get some amazing photos outdoors as well.

Congrats, Dora and Paul! Wishing you lots of joy and happiness always. ♥

Jul 20 2014

Honestly, I will miss this couple a whole lot. These two were so easy to work with and I always had a great time talking to them. I remember leaving our first meeting really hoping for them to book me because we got along so well.

You might remember Wilmar and David from a stunning E-Session at Cherry Beach a few months ago. If you haven’t seen it, don’t forget to check out their e-session clicking here.

They got married this past June at the beautiful Toronto Botanical Gardens, followed by the traditional 10-course chinese dinner reception (yummy!).

Congratulations, Wilmar and David, hope you guys have a wonderful life together! ♥

Jul 20 2014

This Distillery District + Cherry Beach combo for E-Sessions is getting pretty popular among couples. It’s not that long that I blogged a shoot at these exact same locations.

I always find amazing how it doesn’t matter how many times I go to these places, I never get the same results. That’s the magic of us human beings – we’re all so unique!

Had an amazing time shooting Ashley and Rodrigo a few weeks ago. Let me share a few of my favorites with you. :)

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