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Jul 20 2014

Honestly, I will miss this couple a whole lot. These two were so easy to work with and I always had a great time talking to them. I remember leaving our first meeting really hoping for them to book me because we got along so well.

You might remember Wilmar and David from a stunning E-Session at Cherry Beach a few months ago. If you haven’t seen it, don’t forget to check out their e-session clicking here.

They got married this past June at the beautiful Toronto Botanical Gardens, followed by the traditional 10-course chinese dinner reception (yummy!).

Congratulations, Wilmar and David, hope you guys have a wonderful life together! ♥

May 17 2014

Really enjoyed spending time with Wilmar and David! Such a sweet couple. Can’t wait for their wedding this Summer!

I must say I’m still a fan of pictures by the lake, can’t get tired of it. Whenever I can, I try to persuade couples into splitting their shoot between wherever they want and somewhere else w/ sand, water and, if we’re lucky, a nice sunset. And I’ll tell you they never regret it.

5 minutes away from Cherry Beach is the Distillery District. Even though they were holding a festival on that day and the place was completely packed with tents and people, we managed to get some great shots over there as well.

Let me share my favorites with you! :)

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