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Jun 13 2014

Had a great time shooting this family at the Rotary Park in Bowmanville. They were celebrating Liam’s and Cole’s 4th and 2nd birthday. Their mom is actually my hair stylist! She is wonderful and I’m so happy I finally found someone great to take care of my hair after I moved to Whitby.

Her kids are two of the cutest boys I’ve seen; Liam has lots, lots of energy and Cole was just really sweet! It’s so nice to see them having so much fun with each other and I’m always amazed at how siblings care for each other at such a young age, no matter how different their personalities are. Incredible. Can’t wait till my daughter becomes an older sister!

Jun 06 2014

Come wedding season and I’m flooded with images to work on. No joke, I have over 10.000 images on my computer right now waiting to be edited. And between a wedding and an engagement session, there’s always time for family shoots on weekdays.

I tend to focus on couples on my blog for obvious reasons, but I promised myself I’d post more family shoots this year. I will also try to post some from last year, I just need to have time to go through my disks.

Last month I had the pleasure to work with these three little guys and their parents at the beautiful Richmond Green. Here are some of my favorites!

Jun 05 2014

So I just ran into this family at a birthday party today and remembered of this great photo shoot we had last year.

I’m still drowning in wedding and family photos to edit, but I just had to stop everything I was doing to post this. Love these photos, had to share it now otherwise I’m sure I’d forget.

Now let me get back to work. :)

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