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Oct 31 2013

So this is Erin and Mark’s E-Session at the Toronto Islands last month. I love that place and I wish more couples would choose to go there. I love the ferry ride, the island, the amusement park, everything! I have to be honest, I’m really over engagement shoots at the Distillery District and Brickworks – those backgrounds are amazing but I’ve just been there too many times. To people that actually read what I write and asked me to have their shoot over these places: don’t take it personally – I’ve been there too many times but you haven’t, so I totally understand if you guys want to have your shoot there.

Anyways, back to Erin and Mark, if I could describe this couple in one word, that would be “real”. And I just love that! This is what I want to shoot – real couples, real people. I love how genuine these images feel. I already know I’ll have a blast at their wedding next year at the Distillery District – yes, I just said I’m tired of engagement shoots there, but I do love their wedding venues!

Oct 30 2013

Shannon and Graham’s wedding was definitely one of the most expected by me this year. King Edward Hotel has one of the most amazing locations to shoot at and I was counting the days to be able to work at their famous Crystal Ballroom.

What can I say about this couple? They were so sweet! Their vows were definitely the most beautiful I ever heard this year! Also, thumbs up to them for donating to charity instead of giving wedding favors. I have always liked that idea – it’s so much better to spend money helping others instead of buying something that will probably be thrown away in the end! Okay – before I get some hate mail, I do love taking pictures of cute wedding favours (and I actually have some really cute ones from awesome couples that I worked with), but personally, I’d also do the charity thing.

This was one of the very few sunny weekends we had this year, but even if it did rain, we wouldn’t need to worry just because the venue itself is already gorgeous. Can’t forget to mention that we went to the subway and took some pretty cool images! Let me share my favorites with you.

Shannon and Graham, congrats! May your life be filled with love, laughter and happiness always!

OFF-TOPIC: It’s been a while since I don’t post family shoots over here, but I’ve been posting lots of new family images on my FB page – so please don’t forget to like my page in order to get my latest work. ;)

Oct 20 2013

What a great intimate wedding at Sassafraz last September! It was supposed to rain all day, but luckily, it stopped once it was time for portraits outside. Tarin and her mom did an amazing job with all the decor… it was cuteness at its best! Take a look at the personalized M&Ms her mom ordered.

I usually finish the blogpost the B&G first dance, but today I had to post the Bride and Father/Groom and Mother dances as well. I wish I had time to post some other highlights from the reception since I got to capture so much joy and happiness that night!

Tarin and Thomas, congrats! You two are perfect together; wishing you love and happiness always. :)

Oct 05 2013

Ashley and Chris are the dream couple of every photographer. Not because they are (obviously) a good-looking couple, but because they have chemistry in front of the camera.

All I can remember about their wedding day was lots and lots (and lots!) of fog. It didn’t rain (well, not that much), so we were able to get many great photos outdoors – such a beautiful scenery they chose! Of course we all want blue skies on our wedding day, but the photos we got are absolutely stunning and mostly because of how the weather turned out. I love how dreamy some of these images look and wouldn’t want them in any other way.

Congrats, Ashley and Chris! Wishing you an amazing life together! :)

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