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Toronto Islands Engagement Photography: Erin and Mark
October 31st, 2013

So this is Erin and Mark’s E-Session at the Toronto Islands last month. I love that place and I wish more couples would choose to go there. I love the ferry ride, the island, the amusement park, everything! I have to be honest, I’m really over engagement shoots at the Distillery District and Brickworks – those backgrounds are amazing but I’ve just been there too many times. To people that actually read what I write and asked me to have their shoot over these places: don’t take it personally – I’ve been there too many times but you haven’t, so I totally understand if you guys want to have your shoot there.

Anyways, back to Erin and Mark, if I could describe this couple in one word, that would be “real”. And I just love that! This is what I want to shoot – real couples, real people. I love how genuine these images feel. I already know I’ll have a blast at their wedding next year at the Distillery District – yes, I just said I’m tired of engagement shoots there, but I do love their wedding venues!

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