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Aug 27 2013

It poured all day during Anne and Richard’s wedding day. Good thing the ceremony and reception were held at amazing venues – the Holy Name church in Danforth and the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville, so there was little to worry about.

I must say that these two were not like most couples I meet. Nowadays everybody is more worried about getting ready + movie-like portraits after the ceremony. With them, they didn’t want to waste time with that at all. They just wanted to capture moments as they happen and really classic family portraits to keep (I prefer to keep family photos private, so unfortunately you won’t be able to see the amazing family portrait we got to take at the Four Seasons Hotel).

Anne and Richard were really shy when it came to posing, but they did great. Let’s face it, they are a pretty good-looking couple so there’s no way a picture won’t look good if they are in it. :)

Aug 13 2013

So I just asked on my business page if anybody was going to the Arctic Monkeys next month. That has been already deleted… obviously I thought I was on my personal profile. So no, I wasn’t inviting any clients to go to the gig with me. :)

I shot this engagement session a couple of months ago – Frances and Kieran were so much fun! Loved them, really cute couple and definitely made to each other!

I won’t get tired of saying this… I just love shooting 5 minutes away from home! Please enjoy some of my favorites from this shoot.

Aug 09 2013

This is one of my favorite family photoshoots of the year – I just had to post this right away!

I just loved working with this beautiful family and I must say that this was also one of the most gorgeous days from all summer. What an amazing sunset light we got on these images… it makes me want to have some time off during weekends so I can have a photoshoot like this for my family as well.

Really hard to choose which images to post, but these are some of my favorite ones. :)

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