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May 29 2012

I love getting featured in websites, however, I always forget to post news about it here! Well, not that I really forget, but I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to updating the blog. I’m not a big fan of writing, so Facebook is much easier for me, since I just really need to post the pictures. Over here, I feel the need of writing something, otherwise it looks kinda weird just having the pictures (and I believe you guys also enjoy reading about the photo shoot).

Anyways… while I still have those links, please visit both Sash and Satin and Toronto Mom Now to view a bit of my work. :)

May 08 2012

These photos are fresh from the oven! This photo shoot has an interesting story: last year, Leia – Lucas’ mom – called me to book her maternity photo session. Some friends we have in common referred her to me. I wasn’t able to photograph her because I was having a baby as well! The thing is we talked for a while on the phone and I don’t remember why we ended up talking about her wedding pictures. Her wedding was shot by one of my favorite photographers ever and I actually had seen her pictures years ago!

An year has passed and she contact me to book a family photo shoot since Lucas would be turning 1. This time I was available and I’m really happy she remembered me. Lucas is such a cute baby!! I’m completely in love with this photos. :)

May 05 2012

This wedding is close to my heart because Priscila is one of my best friends. We met when we started university so we’ve been through a lot together. A decade ago, we used to play a whole lot with our point-and-shoots but I would never imagine I would be the one capturing one of the most important days in her life!

The wedding was in my home country, Brazil, and although weddings over there are starting to look a lot like the ones we have here, you’ll notice a lot of different things: wedding bands usually match and they are actually given when you get engaged – so yeah, there’s no diamond ring (awesome if you’re a guy)! There are no bridesmaids as well and no pause for portraits. So there’s no waiting between ceremony and reception – I know nowadays everybody is doing the “reveal” thing so they can have the reception right after the ceremony, but over there there’s something called “day after” photo shoot where the bride and groom take their portraits the day after the wedding. It’s a new thing and not everybody does it. Honestly, I prefer the north american way where everything happens in one day. I must admit that when I first started here I thought that was a bit weird leaving guests waiting for the reception.

Even though we were not able to schedule a day for their portraits since they were leaving for their honeymoon right after the wedding (and I was coming back to Canada!), we have some amazing pictures to share and I’m pretty much sure they will make a beautiful album anyways! :)

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