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Sep 24 2011

Kamal and Mruna just got married but I’ve been so busy here that I didn’t even have time to post their e-session. As you guys know, I just moved to a new place – my first house (!) – and I’m still decorating it. It’s tough trying to put the house together and working and taking care of a new born baby, but I don’t miss living in an apartment AT ALL (and I don’t miss the days when I wasn’t a mom either!).

Let me tell you that I also have a new assistant – AKA baby Melody – that helps me editing my pictures. Now that she’s getting older, she doesn’t like to just sit there and play with her toys. She gets curious about what I’m doing so most of my shoots she’s here trying to do some editing as well.

Right now she’s helping me with Kamal and Mruna’s wedding so I decided to relax a bit and share their e-session with you. There are so many other things I want to post here, like my new albums and keepsakes that you can purchase with your photoshoot, but I’ll have to leave this subject for when winter comes.

p.s.: You can view a video of their wedding (made by the talented guys from NG Studio) on my Facebook Fan Page. Become a fan and check it out. I happen to appear on the video. :)




Okay then… let me go back to work. Hopefully you guys will be able to check their wedding before new year’s. :)


Oct 21 2010

Ok, people. This is going to be a biiig post because it was a pretty long day and I loved all the pictures, it’s hard to pick just a few to post in here… At first I was thinking of breaking it into 3 parts, but I decided to post everything in one post (and leave some images out) because I know some of you are dying to see these pictures. If you want to see even more pictures, remember to check my Facebook fan page – soon I’ll be posting more pictures over there!! So, this was Patrizia and Soami’s big day – you might have seen their e-session here in the blog. Let’s start with the getting ready images (of course, her shoes are awesome as always).
wm3w bl
Then we headed to their venue, the RCM here in Toronto.
wm3w bl
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After the family and bridal party pictures (I’ll post some on Facebook!), the ceremony started. It was an amazing ceremony, there I could really see how much Patrizia and Soami are loved by their family and friends. The speeches were truly beautiful.
wm3w bl
wm3w bl
It was time for the reception to start!
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After the centerpiece bingo, Patrizia changed into her Indian outfit.
And they danced to the Jai Ho song, from Slumdog Millionaire. :)
Congrats, Patrizia and Soami! It was great meeting you and your family! (special thanks to Patrizia’s sister Mary, who was always willing to help us with the schedule!!)

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