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Feb 28 2015

This was my second photo shoot of 2015 – even though I have lots of photoshoots from last year I have yet to post, I needed to publish this right away because of the response I got from these few photos I posted on my FB page.

I finished editing their images really late at night sometime last January and e-mail Adrienne saying her photos are ready. I decide to post a few on my FB page before going to bed. 7am the next day, my daughter wakes up, I give her breakfast and decide to check my computer. I had so many private messages from my friends saying they loved the photos I just posted and how good-looking the couple were (honestly, that never happens – my friends are really used to me spamming them with my work, so I was surprised lol). Then, I check the photo on FB and it already has over 20 likes – and it’s 7am in the morning!

So yeah, I HAD to post this right away. These are some of my favorites from the day! :)

Dec 05 2014

How I love working close to home! Not only because I don’t have to be stuck in traffic, but also because I just love Whitby. This place is so beautiful I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of having shoots here.

This is Laura’s and Ray’s engagement session. Besides the fact these two are super photogenic, they have an amazing chemistry that definitely shows in pictures. So it’s pretty obvious that I just can’t wait for their wedding day next Summer!

On top of having lots of September+October wedding photos to edit, these past few days have been super busy with all these families having Fall shoots (can’t blame them, Fall looks good), so I’ll go back to editing now. I just had to stop for a bit to share this gorgeous e-shoot. :)

Dec 01 2014

I remember when Aileen first called me wanting to book an engagement session. She didn’t have a date for her wedding yet. I remember meeting her and Brandon at a Starbucks and at that time I had no idea that I would love working with them so much.

We had the E-Session and I can recall talking to my husband while I was editing their images. “I really really REALLY want to shoot their wedding. Look at those photos, they are perfect!! Hope I’m not booked when she picks her wedding date!”, and it wasn’t because they were good looking, but it was because they had so much chemistry in front of the camera.

Some months passed and Aileen e-mailed me to book her wedding day. I was literally jumping up and down.

This happened 2 and a half years ago. Since then, I lost count on how many people contacted me because of them. I also have to thank their relatives (especially Brandon’s mom!) for talking about my work! Really can’t thank them enough.

This current photo session was supposed to happen last Fall, to celebrate Aileen and Brandon’s 1st wedding anniversary. Weather wasn’t that great last year – we never really got a decent Fall and we ended up postponing the shoot to Spring. So in the end, we’re really celebrating two years of marriage. :)

We decided to stay around Whitby – starting at Cullen Central Park, then going for some quick photos “downtown” Whitby and ending the shoot by the lake. Light was just perfect! Love love these. Amazing how two years have passed and they are still so good at PDA. Wish I could take pictures of them every single year!

p.s.: you can view their Engagement and wedding photos here and here.

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