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Jan 24 2016

I’m starting to remove last year’s work from my computer and I definitely want to post some 2015 photo shoots here since I most likely won’t blog a photo session once its stored on backup drives. Hopefully this winter I will have some time to post all the shoots from this past Summer/Fall!

I loved working with this sweet little girl and her family! We had this shoot at the Alexander Muir Gardens last September – this place is a lovely garden that, for some reason, is quite underrated among families. Hopefully after posting this shoot, more families will choose to go there. :)

These are some of my favorites.

Jan 20 2016


I definitely needed to start 2016 with baby Mae. I’ve been working with Aileen and Brandon since their engagement and it was such an honor to be called again to capture photos of their first baby. Obviously, baby Mae had to be as photogenic as her mommy and daddy. Honestly I’d really love to keep doing this until they grow old. :)

Let me share some of my favorites with you!

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