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Jan 15 2014

Richmond Green was THE location for families shoots in 2013 – it’s interesting because I don’t even suggest this park for families, but I had lots of clients choosing this park. It is actually perfect for little ones – it has lots of great features for young kids and it’s small so nobody gets tired!

From all the shoots I’ve had last year in this place, this one is my favorite! Loved shooting this cute little family! The kite sequence was quite hard since the wind was not helping at all, but in the end we did get great images out of it.

I won’t even start to talk about weather – I lost count of how many times we had to reschedule this shoot. Hopefully will have a sunny 2014. :)

Jan 06 2014

Hope everybody had a great holiday season! Let’s start the year with some new products!! :)

This past year I was really impressed with the number of couples that get overwhelmed by my huge (and heavy!) 12×12 wedding book I bring to meetings.

Even though I still think that book is classic and timeless, I felt that the brides I work with were looking for something lighter and maybe more modern/current. So I finally came up with a wedding book that is lighter, modern, without losing its great quality that my original album has. And the best thing is: it costs 30% less than my original wedding book.

This 9.5 x 9×5 wedding book still has all the good things about my older book: pages layflat, photographic laminated paper, leather cover (16 colors to choose from! – exclusive feature of this new book) and the option of having your names embossed on the cover.

Both are great, it’s just up to you to figure out which album is the right one for you! Please contact me for more info.

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