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Jun 12 2013

Most of the times I’m the one that suggests places to shoot an Engagement Session and very rarely I get to go somewhere I’ve never been before. These two knew about this unique location in Toronto and decided to have their shoot there. Amazing place and I’m pretty sure some other couple will want to have their pictures taken over there in the near future.

A while ago I shot one of my favorites E-Sessions on a place I absolutely loved and, apparently, more people did. Every time some client asked me where that was I just took them and then, in my eyes, that dreamy cliff didn’t seem so dreamy anymore… I don’t know why. This time I pinky promise I won’t be telling everybody where this hidden gem is so they’re the only ones with these images. :)

Jun 10 2013

I had to stop working on editing images for a few minutes to post this E-Session. It’s been a while since my last time shooting on the Islands. I love that old engagement session so much, I thought it would be pretty hard to top that (you can check it out over here). To my surprise, these engagement photos are so different from each other that I can’t even compare them – just love them both equally!

Lo and Chris were such a fun and easy couple to photograph! They decided to bring their dog to the shoot and although I did work with some dogs walking down the aisle, this was actually my first e-session with a pet. :)

Congrats on your engagement, Lo and Chris! Can’t wait for your wedding next year! ♥

Jun 01 2013

Something I’d like to address quickly: I just got a message from a dear client asking me if I didn’t like their pictures because they couldn’t find their session on my blog. Since I get this question every now and then, I just want to make it clear that I don’t post all my work here. We’re in June and I already shot tons of families/couples/weddings/etc – I can’t find time to blog/Facebook them all. The truth is I don’t take clients that I know won’t match/like with my style of photography so there’s no way I wouldn’t love a picture I take. As of now, I have lots of images I wanted to upload to my portfolio. Every time I upload a new picture to my portfolio, I have to delete some of the old ones and that breaks my heart as well. :/

I’ve been really busy this month, but I hate to leave the blog with no new posts. And when I say busy, I mean it. I just came back from work and, this week, I’m shooting every single day till next Sunday. This means I’m taking pictures 9 days in a row! Still I can’t really complain – I got to do what I love and there will be plenty of time to rest during the winter. I’m actually writing this post while I export some wedding images on Lightroom. :)

This is Shannon and Graham’s E-Session – we started at the UofT and finished our day at the Humber Bridge – two favorites of mine! Although we spent more time than planned sitting in traffic and got to the Lake Shore way after we were supposed to, we still got lots of great shots over there. Do I need to say how much I loved Shannon’s dress? Gorgeous bride-to-be and I’m extremely excited to be shooting their wedding this Fall at the King Edward Hotel!

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