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Oct 30 2012

Weather’s not helping at all – I had to cancel/reschedule a few family photo shoots because it’s just been raining every single weekend. With all the wind from yesterday, trees are almost all bare so I’m guessing there will be no more family shoots with that great Fall look we all love. Luckily, I was able to shoot this amazing family and since this was my favorite Fall session of the year, I decided to stop my wedding editing to make this post.

Meet Fatima (mom), Daniel (dad), Jacob and Sophia. They know me from a couple of weddings I shot last/this year. It was great spending the morning with them – Jacob running all over the place (talk about energy!) and Sophia just being the CUTEST baby ever – she was ALL smiles and didn’t cry for a single minute. I also have to thank Daniel’s mom for helping us out – she kept an eye on the kids while we shot a few pictures of just Fatima and Daniel. :)

Let me share my favorite ones with you!

Oct 11 2012

You might recognize Pareesa and Bryan from an e-session I posted not too long ago. They got married last month and I had a great time with them – got so many amazing shots the entire day.

From this wedding, my favorite parts were definitely speeches – after going to so many weddings, I already know that MOST of the best men get their speeches from the Internet. Same old jokes, can’t laugh at that anymore. But this time the best man speech brought tears to my ears. Actually, ALL speeches. I’m just talking about the best man in particular because it’s rare to hear something actually nice and emotional from guys. I loved every single part of the day, but the reception was the spotlight. People were really having fun!! (sometimes dinner is so long it gets a bit boring – I can’t take pictures of people eating!!)

Congrats, Bryan and Pareesa! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. :)

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